Oct 4, 2021
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Why the United States received the Nobel Prize, but Russia did not: Physiologist pointed to an unsightly fact

The physiologist told why the Americans again received the Nobel Prize. According to him, everything again depends on funding, which Russian scientists do not have.

In 2021, US scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Why there are no scientists from Russia among the laureates of the award, said Vladimir Dorokhov, head of the laboratory of neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences.

We are talking about the Nobel Prize for the discovery of receptors that are responsible for the sensations of temperature and touch, as well as for the study of their effect on the human body. Vladimir Dorokhov noted that this is a very highly specialized field of research and only a specialist deeply immersed in the topic can comment on the significance of the discovery.

But the physiologist named the reason why scientists from Russia did not receive the Nobel Prize. According to him, everything depends on the issue of financing. Because any discovery of the Nobel Prize level requires a huge investment.

Now they are trying to accept the program “Brain” [программа “Мозг, здоровье, интеллект, инновации”]… Unfortunately, it is planned, but the government still cannot resolve this issue in order to actually allocate funds,

– said Vladimir Dorokhov in a comment to the Telegram channel “Radiotochka NSN”.

The specialist added that with the necessary funding, scientists from Russia could achieve global success in research on higher nervous activity. This is especially true of such a fashionable topic lately as Brain computer interface (BCI). It’s about creating a system for the exchange of information between the brain and an electronic device.

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