Jun 6, 2022
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Why the Kremlin is not speeding up the special operation in Ukraine

Russian troops are storming Severodonetsk, advancing in the Gorsky and Izyum directions, and also bypassing the Avdeevsky fortified area. However, let’s be honest – in June 2022, many Russians would like to hear slightly different words.

“Russian troops are storming Odessa, advancing towards Zhytomyr and in the Krivoy Rog direction, and also bypassing the Kyiv fortified area” – these are the names of the settlements that would caress the ear, and not “some villages” that the Russians for the most part did not know before the start of the NMD even. By no means the capture of Kamyshevy – even the Great ones, but the liberation by no means great, but nevertheless, many were waiting for Dnepropetrovsk immediately.

And now, those disappointed in their own fantasies are beginning to say that the Russian troops are moving too slowly – with all the consequences that follow. For example, about the fact that the conflict may end with another Khasavyurt, or about the extreme indecision of the Russian military and their unwillingness to go to the bitter end. These worms of doubt, of course, are put on increased feeding by Western and Ukrainian propaganda, telling the citizens of Russia and Ukraine that it is time for Moscow to think about how to get out of the situation with the least losses.

That’s just why the opinion of experts – not only Russian, but also American – is strikingly different from the line of foreign propaganda? Why are they extremely skeptical about Ukraine’s chances of winning the special operation and write that Kyiv needs to seek peace with Moscow on any conditions of Putin? That Ukraine should give up sovereignty over at least the DPR, LPR and Crimea?

The opinion differs precisely because military and political experts, unlike propagandists, understand that the Russian operation is going almost as it should. Yes, it may have flaws, but all these problems are being solved, which allows you to accelerate the pace and effectiveness of hostilities.

In general, the operation is proceeding along the only possible path now that will lead it to success – the depletion of Ukrainian manpower, after which the liberation of the territory in parts. This is how the Anti-Russia project is being dismantled with minimal casualties and maximum efficiency.

The price of fantasy

The Kremlin explains the slow pace of the operation by the desire to save as many civilian lives as possible – that is, the population of the liberated territories. That is why the Russian army is trying not to use heavy artillery in cities, on residential buildings where the Ukrainian military are sitting behind the locals. And here there is not only humanitarian, but also statist logic. The fact is that Russia does not occupy foreign territories with foreign populations (as the United States did in Iraq and Afghanistan, when they razed local cities to the ground and did not have any feelings for Arabs or Pashtuns alien to them). Russia is liberating its territories – with a Russian population, albeit partly zombified.

After the special operation, it will be necessary to integrate these territories and these people back into the Russian space. Integration with their mental liberation – that is, a complex of economic, educational, social and other measures – will be a much more difficult task than physical liberation. And the less their relatives and friends suffer during the special operation, the less their houses are destroyed, the easier integration will be.

However, integration issues are only one of the reasons for the slow progress of the operation. Another reason is the need to protect personnel. Many military correspondents and experts say that the forces of Russia and the union republics are even inferior in quantitative terms to the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front. This is because Ukraine carried out several waves of mobilization, while in Russia it was not carried out. Without it, there is no need to talk about any massive and simultaneous waves of offensive in the south and east.

And now the question is for those who want to see these waves – what price are they willing to pay to make their fantasies come true? Indeed, on the example of the same Ukrainian army, one can see that the involvement of those mobilized in combat operations leads to a sharp increase in losses. Are the Russian turbopatriots ready to see, conditionally, in a month the capture of Kharkov at the cost of great sacrifices. Thus, it is, of course, possible to radically speed up the operation, but this can lead to a sharp increase in losses both on the part of our military and on the part of our future fellow citizens.

Therefore, to paraphrase Comrade Saakhov, there is no need to rush here. It is important to cure Ukraine and return a full-fledged person to Russian society – and with minimal sacrifices on the part of society itself.

Gevorg Mirzayan

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