Feb 19, 2021
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Why some women shouldn’t leave gray hair

Why some women shouldn't leave gray hair

Already literally this year, cardinal changes began to occur in my life. Firstly, I broke up with my loved one, and secondly, I changed my job, and even managed to get bronchitis and, as a result, reconsidered many priorities in life.

They say that everything that is done is for the best! Therefore, in order to complete this series of transformations, I decided to radically change my image. And I will start with a change in hair color, since this year a new trend has appeared, which simply turned my understanding of hair coloring upside down.

Over the past year, balayazh has been the undoubted leader among hair coloring methods. This is a type of paint that creates the effect of strands burnt out in the sun. Its main difference from other similar techniques is to change the shade of the hair horizontally with a transition from a dark color to a lighter one. Among the fans of this type of coloring are Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung, Rihanna and other stars and pop divas.

But when it seems that nothing new can be invented in coloring, stylists in different cities of the world continue to amaze their clients.

This season, the balayage was turned upside down, both literally and figuratively. Coloring stylists have come up with a new technique called reverse balayage. That is, it’s like balayazh, just the opposite – now the light shade of the hair turns into a dark one. And it looks very impressive!

We have prepared for you a small but capacious selection of images made in this extraordinary technique “balayage in reverse”. Look and be inspired, and I have already saved the image I like and run to sign up to my master!

As you can see, dark and light colors change places! Now it is not necessary to choose dark roots and make a smooth transition to light, but you can do the opposite. Looks very stylish, doesn’t it?

Colorado-based stylist Darin Daniels dyed the client’s hair at the roots a light shade and then used several shades of chestnut to create a smooth transition to chocolate at the ends.

On his Instagram, the famous master wrote that “reverse balayage” is a new word in coloring, since using this technique you can create truly delightful and unique images!

A new fashionable hair color, like fire, can be looked at forever. There are so many different and at the same time similar shades in it, it seems that it is simply impossible to achieve such a result.

It will be more difficult to make such a coloring option than the classic balayage, since the base color is blond.
And if by nature you have dark hair, then it will take more than one visit to the colorist to achieve the perfect light shade without yellowness. Then you should choose a dark color for the tips, no matter in warm or cold colors. These two colors will be the base for your new coloration.

And for dark-haired people in this type of staining there is one small drawback – the “reverse balayage” will have to be updated more often because of the growing roots, but the effect of the result is more than worth the effort spent on painting.

As you can see, this new fashion trend looks very impressive and elegant!

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