Apr 3, 2021
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Why sit on the floor more often

Why you need to sit on the floor more often

“As a child, I often had to get scolded by my grandmother for sitting on the floor. She always insisted that it was unhealthy and told me to move to the sofa or chair. It turns out that they scolded me in vain, because, sitting on the floor, I, on the contrary, strengthened my health! ” – says our reader Julia.

The benefits of sitting on the floor are indeed attested by many medical professionals, as well as those who practice yoga professionally.

We have found out exactly how the habit of sitting affects a person, and is in a hurry to tell you how to sit in order to improve your well-being and, consequently, the quality of life.

Experienced yogis advise at least moving from armchairs, sofas and chairs to the floor at home. Watching TV, reading a book, or doing handicrafts is best while sitting on the floor with your back straight and your legs crossed. For more convenience, you can lean against the wall. If your back muscles get tired, you can also allow yourself to periodically relax and round your back, but then you should straighten it again.

This way, you can strengthen your back muscles and stimulate the health of your hip joints, forcing them to assume an unusual position and become more mobile. Also, this position helps to improve the condition of the pelvic organs, which is also important.

Home yoga classes are generally very beneficial for the back and spine of a person. This is said not only by practicing trainers, but also by experienced neurosurgeons and orthopedists.

Of course, each person needs an individual approach. If it comes to treating a certain disease with the help of yoga, then you should not choose asanas to perform on your own, you must first consult with your doctor.

However, when it comes to prevention, there are some simple exercises that absolutely anyone can do. For example, the Butterfly exercise is one of the best options. It does not require any effort, but at the same time has a very beneficial effect on the state of our body.

You can also try a popular yoga pose called Vajrasana. Staying in this asana should be comfortable and not burdensome. If you feel any tension taking this position, then for now you should limit yourself to just sitting on the floor with crossed legs.

After completing the exercises, it is recommended to massage the feet and ankles, and then return to the chosen position. In general, this kind of gymnastics will not take more than 10 minutes, but if you do it regularly, you can make a huge contribution to your health.

Earlier we already wrote what other exercises should be performed for the health of the lower back, as well as what exercises should be done to gain a harmonious figure.

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