Mar 30, 2021
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Why shouldn’t a child be forbidden to watch cartoons

Why shouldn't a child be forbidden to watch cartoons

Cartoons contribute to the development of the child. The wrong opinion of some parents according to which they prohibit watching cartoons.

Parents make independent decisions regarding the control over the information content used by the child. True, it is important to understand here that any severe restrictive measures can bring a negative result instead of the expected positive effect.

Therefore, before you prohibit a child from downloading Barbariki or watching some other favorite cartoon, consider the existing risks and a number of nuances.

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Myths among moms

I will not defend the idea that a child has the right to view any content regardless of age and level of intellectual, psychological, moral development. It is important to take into account your personal experience and observe the development of your child. For example, my daughter managed to begin to clearly separate the fictional cartoon world and the real one when she was about a year and a half.

Initially, I, like many other parents, tried to accustom her to watching good Soviet cartoons based on the plots of Russian folk tales. But my efforts were in vain, as the child by the age of two began to demonstrate his own taste preferences.

My daughter liked cartoons with princesses, the plot of which she watched with genuine delight. I looked at her from the side and admired her enthusiasm. The desire to keep the posture like a real princess from a fairy tale.

I never even tried to turn off cartoons in the middle, fearing not only for my daughter’s nervous system, but also for my own. Having familiarized myself with the works of modern scientists, I realized that the phrase “spoil your eyes in front of the TV” is just a maternal myth, of which there are a huge number.

Scientists say that the quality of vision is due to genetics and no TV here will have a negative impact, even if you watch cartoons for several hours a day, “with your nose buried in the screen.” In addition, cartoons help the child develop mental activity, form the skills of logical thinking, instill in him basic moral values, explain to him what is bad and what is good, what love and care are.

Tricks that kids use

Once I was on a plane on vacation. All families with children tuned in for a long flight and began to wait for the inclusion of children’s cartoons, which will distract the kids from the boring flight. But on board there was a strict mom, who forbade her children to watch the cartoon, giving them books in their hands.

After the plane took off, the fun began. Mommy ran with the kids to the toilet literally every five to ten minutes. After observing what was happening, I understood what was the matter. Children simply forced their strict mom to take them to the toilet in order to be able to look at least with an eye at the cartoons that were shown on the public big screen in the cabin of the plane.

In addition, the way back from the toilet of the mother with the children was accompanied by the wildest screams and aggression from the kids, who wanted to watch cartoons, and not read books that were nasty to them.

Censoring and fostering correct morality


Of course, a ban is the simplest thing to do. But instead of a positive effect, you are more likely to achieve that your child will perceive you as an inadequate person, characterized by excessive severity and incomprehensible requests.

Therefore, for the formation of a full-fledged child’s personality, it is recommended:

  • try to instill good taste in the child from an early age;
  • watch with him interesting and informative TV programs about the world around him, nature;
  • help the child to learn about the world, explain to him its laws.

Only close contact with the child and taking into account his personal needs and preferences will help to get the desired positive result.

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