Jan 7, 2021
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Why should I look 30 at 50?

Why should I look 30 at 50?

A woman’s age is a delicate matter. Someone is trying to hide it by hook or by crook, while someone stoically endures the appearance of wrinkles and the first signs of aging.

Each of us has friends who are terrified of growing old. Or maybe you yourself are one of them? This state of affairs hurts Sofya Chernyshova, a philologist, teacher and business coach, who, inspired by the stories of mature ladies, brought out her secrets of a second youth. In her author’s blog, she expresses the idea that old age can be a great time for women.

Down with complexes

“Why should I look 30 at 50 ?!” – asks Sofya Chernyshova. After all, the beauty industry only knows what to manipulate women’s complexes: “What a terrible face you have! You look 50 years old! But with our cosmetics … ”And more than one old lady fell for this bait.

Of course, striving to be more attractive, says the author of Married at 50, or Breaking the Pattern, is a normal state of the female mind. It has always been so, in all ages. To preserve her youth and beauty, the great Cleopatra took milk and honey baths (or is it a legend?), And other “rich and famous” also did not lag behind. At the same time, Sophia adds, common sense says that you can look good simply by taking care of yourself regularly, without spending money on super-fashionable procedures and cosmetics.

Nothing outrages a business coach like the phrase: “I’m 50, but still 18 in my heart.” She thinks this is just flirtation.

“Why are we ashamed not only by the external signs of aging, but also by the fact that we have become different? Why are we not proud of being smarter, wiser now? What is it – “I’m 18 in my soul”? What is it – doing stupid things, falling in love with the wrong people, worrying about your appearance, believing everyone in a row, being a naive fool? What is so good about it?” – Sophia does not cease to be amazed at the human nature.

“For some reason, this is considered cool. “Young soul” and “old soul” – what is this? Gaining intelligence, growing up, knowing more, understanding yourself and people better, distinguishing true values ​​from false ones, having your own opinion on any occasion, not worrying about trifles – this is the maturation of the soul. This is not available to 18 year olds. None of us, in fact, has a 50+ young soul with all the characteristics described above, otherwise life teaches us nothing ”.

A woman gives many arguments why you should not be ashamed, but, on the contrary, admire your age.

“In my opinion, one should be proud, on the contrary, of the fact that at 50+ we are smart and wise enough not to do stupid things. And if an adult, headlong, throws himself into the abyss of passions or embarks on adventures, then what is the merit, what is proud of?

Once I saw a photo of classmates who were celebrating 50 years after graduating from their class. At the same time, they dressed like schoolgirls – in school uniforms and white aprons, tied ties and bows, thinking that it was funny and funny … Alas, for me, for example, it caused nothing but disappointment. It was not funny, but sad … A young woman, even in jest, evokes pity. “

According to Chernyshova, mature women, in comparison with 18-year-olds, are finally gaining freedom. And the older they are, the freer! She firmly believes that only free people are happy who allow themselves to be themselves and live as they see fit. Indeed, in youth, everyone rebel, but they depend on the parental word, on the opinion of their peers.

In conclusion, the woman boldly declares: “Frankly, I don’t want mine 18. Now I live much better, because my external changes are nothing compared to internal ones. They delight me much more than upset the signs of age. ”

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