Jun 27, 2021
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Why Russia invites Washington to participate in the settlement in Donbass

Why Russia invites Washington to participate in the settlement in Donbass

Photo: Valentin Sprinchak / TASS.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov allowed the United States to join the settlement in southeastern Ukraine, but only if Washington could “To influence Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements.” Political scientists argue that some foreign policy statements are intended for internal use. But clearly not that. This passage of the deputy Sergey Lavrov it is generally unclear for whom it is intended. Or is it just so it seems to us because of poor awareness?

It is unlikely that Sergei Alexandrovich addressed his words to the inhabitants of the self-proclaimed republics. After all, for them they are the same “halva”, the mention of which does not make it sweeter. Is that the most speaker, in this case a career diplomat, because he is paid for this. And ordinary interested parties are tired of reading and hearing about the Minsk agreements.

Yes, according to those agreements, the parties to the conflict must withdraw heavy weapons from the line of contact. It seems to have been taken away, but sometimes it thumps here and there, and people periodically die. In total, the points of the memorandum are few, but even they are understood in different ways. Say, what is the disarmament of “all illegal groups”? Only the militias of the self-proclaimed republics in the east or Ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions in the west too? And is the DPR / LPR police illegal, especially since this is not a group, but regular military formations?

Military-political expert Mikhail Alexandrov does not consider it a good idea to involve America in monitoring the implementation of agreements:

– The Minsk agreements do not work, it is obvious to everyone. But our leadership clings to them, as this is a good excuse to do nothing and at the same time explain that we are waiting for the implementation of the Minsk agreements from Ukraine. Such a “excuse” to the West. When Vladimir Putin met with Joseph Biden, the American president hinted at Donbass, and Vladimir Vladimirovich immediately replied: “It is necessary for Ukraine to comply with the Minsk agreements.” There is nothing to parry. Even the UN Security Council approved the Minsk agreements. Mr. Biden naturally agreed that the Minsk agreements should be implemented.

Our leadership needs them to keep the conflict frozen. And do nothing ourselves, and do not give the opposite side. Or at least limit them as much as possible, minimize negative consequences. How effective is this policy? If you pull the rubber, then yes. And our leadership is very fond of playing for time in the hope that, in accordance with the Japanese proverb, the corpse of the enemy will one day float along the river. In the meantime, only the corpses of the Russian people killed in the Donbass are floating …

Some of the participants in the Minsk talks have already turned into “political corpses”, like the ex-President of France Francois Hollande or ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko… Those who replaced them are formally the successors of their cause – purely legally. But they do not feel any moral obligation. And some were literally killed, like the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko… Although then, in Minsk, it was planned to pass a law prohibiting the prosecution and punishment of persons involved in the conflict.

If the Foreign Ministry decided, as they say now, to send a certain “message” overseas, thereby introducing the informal concept of “Washington regional committee” into diplomatic practice, then again it is somehow incomprehensible. After all, if we talk about the true state of affairs, then in the department in which the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs is serving Victoria Nuland, famous for its buns on the Kiev Maidan, all the statements of the Russian side were perceived so far as a kind of, God forgive me, mooing. And undesirable. And what is desirable for America on our part is only an unquestioning servile, wordless nod.

Member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko asks the question:

– What Americans will be liable for the decisions made and the events taking place if they enter as a guarantor of the implementation of the Minsk agreements? And they can put pressure now, regardless of agreements. Ukraine is absolutely not subject. Tell them to start a war, they will start. They are told to start shelling, confine themselves to shelling.

I’m not sure if this is a good option. This is of course a gesture of goodwill towards America, but we’ve seen a lot of them lately. This has not yet responded to anything. Unless they cut military aid to Ukraine by $ 100 million. This is certainly good, but all the same, Ukraine is supplied with weapons. Congressmen are demanding the supply of lethal weapons.

If you invite someone, why only the USA? Let’s connect Britain. Let’s connect other countries: China, India. China is also a very influential state. So why not connect him to this question? Moreover, he had a conflict with Ukraine …

According to Vladimir Zharikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries, Washington itself does not allow Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements:

– If you turn back the time, then the conclusion suggests itself that the whole story of 2014 in Ukraine, the Americans and Europeans did together. But their tasks were slightly different. If in Europe they wanted to tear Ukraine away from Russia, but at the same time not destroy peace on the continent. They did not want a pro-Russian Ukraine, but they did not set the task of making it anti-Russian. We understood that this would create problems that we now see. For this they signed the Minsk Agreements.

If we imagine for a second (although, after seven years, it is not so easy to do this), the Minsk agreements have been fulfilled on all points, and Ukraine has become what it is written in the agreements. It is a federal country with fairly large regional rights. For this reason, it is neither a pro-Russian nor a pro-European country. In this imaginary country, both Lviv and Donetsk have great powers. Such a Ukraine does not join NATO. She is friendly to the European Union, but continues to actively pursue economic relations with Russia. At the same time, without joining the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Eurasian Union.

Earlier I could not understand how the present Switzerland was formed – neutral and confederate in the middle of Europe. When I spoke with Swiss diplomats, it dawned on me. If the Swiss were not neutral and confederate, then in the conditions of constant confrontation between Germany and France, in the presence of German and French parts, the country would simply split. The key to preserving the unity of the state is the confederal structure.

At that time, remember, Vladimir Putin, flying by plane to Minsk, sketched some theses. Russia offered to play a draw. Return Ukraine to the position in which it was under the president Leonida Kuchma… But only with great guarantees that it will not move in one direction or the other, with the help of increasing the role and influence of regions on the policy of the central government: both Donbass and Lviv.

The United States had a different task: to create, if not a hot, then a smoldering point of confrontation in Europe. Create a problem not only for Russia, but also for Europe.

So it is possible to involve America in the settlement, in words they are “for”. But the substantive meaning of the Minsk agreements does not correspond to the interests of the United States, and, moreover, of Biden, who, in fact, was the main organizer of this whole story in 2014.

Yes, let them participate. But we have already seen how they participated: Kurt Walker, the special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine, supported the completely unacceptable ideas of Kiev, which in fact destroyed the Minsk agreements. Controlling borders before granting federal or even confederal rights to the regions (which is laid down in agreements) is completely contrary to agreements. If they participate, they will act in the same way as before.

“SP”: – They participated, participate and will participate, but … not as we want.

– Not only to us, but also to the leaders of the European Union …

We have never been against American involvement. The group worked for several years Surkov-Walker. They met, talked. But there was no sense in it. It is unlikely that he will be now. The US has hardly changed its position.

Although – it may be like that. Maybe that’s why Ryabkov’s statement appeared? After all, now the American administration has its own pronounced “multi-tower”, as they once said about Moscow with its Kremlin. There is a group in the States that is apparently ready to put out the Ukrainian conflict. “Surrender Ukraine,” but not entirely to Russia, not only and not so much to us, but to Europe. Both to us and to Europe. Of course, we are talking about old Europe: first of all, Germany and France.

Maybe the Americans are flirting with Russia and Europe because, having disgruntled Europeans and hostile Russia in their rear, they are afraid to enter into conflict with China? This is the very case when our close affairs cannot be understood in a fragment from the global context, forgetting about the geopolitical problems of the whole world …

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