Sep 9, 2022
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Why Russia has resumed gas supplies to Latvia

“Latvian underground storage is still only half full. So, contrary to their political position, they are forced to buy gas from Moscow under the ruble scheme, ”Igor Yushkov, an energy expert, told the VZGLYAD newspaper. Earlier it became known that Russian gas supplies to Latvia were resumed.

“Contracts with Latvia have not yet been terminated. It is necessary to pay for deliveries according to the ruble scheme, to which they have already switched. So Riga has every right to buy our gas, while Gazprom is forced to ship the requested amount of resources,” said Igor Yushkov, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and the National Energy Security Fund.

“You have to understand that there are quite big problems with fuel in the Baltics. Against the background of how actively the rest of Europe pumps gas into underground storage facilities, it is in Latvia that the storage facility is less than half full. And this despite the fact that it is the only one in the entire region,” the interlocutor noted.

“Estonians don’t consume a lot of resources, so they don’t worry. But Latvia and Lithuania are interested in the maximum occupancy of the storage facility before the onset of cold weather. And considering that our gas is often sent through Estonia to Finland, Helsinki may also suffer from a shortage of energy resources,” the expert said.

“That is, on the one hand, we see acute political tension in relations between Russia and Latvia, and on the other hand, Riga is aware of the whole range of potential problems and is forced to return to purchasing our raw materials,” Yushkov concluded.

Earlier, the Latvian operator Conexus Baltic Grid announced that Russian gas had again begun to flow into the country through the Valdai-Pskov-Riga gas pipeline, which enters from Russia to Latvia through Estonia at the Luhamaa point.

According to the Entsog website, the Luhamaa gas measuring station (GMS) (only gas of Russian origin can go to this point) now receives about 4 million cubic meters per day. This is also evidenced by the gas flow diagram on the website of the Latvian operator for the transportation and storage of natural gas Conexus Baltic Grid. At the same time, deliveries have been going on since August 5, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the information on the Entsog website, gas supplies through the Luhamaa point were not carried out throughout April, but at the same time they periodically went in May, June, and the last time at the end of July.

The head of Latvijas gaze, Aigars Kalvitis, said that the company resumed buying Russian gas, but not from Gazprom, but from another supplier, and not for rubles, but for euros. Meanwhile, Gazprom announced that it had stopped supplying gas to Latvia since July 30 due to violations of gas withdrawal conditions.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia refuses to accept payments for gas supplies in dollars and euros. The Kremlin also said that Russia would not supply gas for free if the European Union refused to pay for it in rubles.

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