Apr 17, 2021
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Why run in wool socks?

The pioneer of running in woolen socks – the legendary Finnish skier Mieto soup. Actually, in 2019, the first championship was held in Finland, the participants of which ran 3 and 6 km distances in the snow without shoes. “It’s called natural running. When the foot touches the ground, it is a kind of massage, improving blood flow, hardening, “says AiF. Svetlana Khamidulina, which at the end of March ran a half marathon in Yakutia (not a marathon!) in woolen socks. It took her 2.5 hours to overcome 21.1 km. “The air temperature was below zero: –2 …– 5 degrees. She put on two pairs of thin woolen socks, and on top one with a “wadded” fleece. I didn’t plan to run 21 km. I wanted to try at least 3 km, but I got carried away. In principle, everything went well. Only at the end of the distance did she stop, and immediately her feet got wet. Conclusion – you can’t stop. It is interesting that the calves were loaded, and not the feet or knees – the loose snow absorbed perfectly ”

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