Jun 14, 2022
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Why put onions in your socks before bed

Why put onions in your socks before bed

There are some primitive but really useful methods that can keep us in good health. Detoxification is one of the most essential methods for clearing all kinds of microbes from the body.

And here we would like to introduce you to one such ancient Chinese onion method that can greatly improve your health.

Did you know that your body contains meridians, the extreme points located at your feet? This is a Chinese concept that is primarily related to the nervous system in our body.

These meridians are responsible for the state of certain organs in our body. The lower part of your legs is made up of approximately 7,000 nerve endings.

There are electrical signals that are transmitted through these meridians.

Stimulate these nerve endings with onions:

How it’s done?

Chop the onion and place the slices in your socks while you sleep. Onions will help get rid of germs and bacteria. It also contains phosphoric acid, which purifies the blood. But don’t use the bow twice.

This drug can help in the treatment of many diseases such as colds, flu, etc.

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