Feb 19, 2021
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Why praise yourself and what will come of it

Why praise yourself and what will come of it

The body speaks to us in a special language. We do not understand it or pretend not to understand it. Meanwhile, the signals are amplified and manifested in the form of various diseases, fears and complexes.

It seems that they cannot be overcome, but they are not. You can’t even imagine what a powerful healing power is laid by nature inside each of us! Try to overcome your psychological barriers and see how life will change.

The worst enemy of any person is self-criticism. After a while, I understand that striving for excellence and the desire to be better than everyone else did not help me at all. I don’t blame my parents for raising me with heightened expectations. Today life looks completely different, I love myself the way I am, I love and appreciate the people who are around.

The change did not happen by accident. Before that, there were many years of self-flagellation, troubles one after another, resentment and hatred towards others. But one day something changed in me. Now I know that these were the very signals from the universe that were preparing me for the next test.

In one breath, I watched Louise Hay’s seminars, and for a year I non-stop reading Miguel Ruiz, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie and other enlightened enthusiasts. Now I understand that accidents are not accidental, and if you are reading this text, perhaps the time has come to change your life.

Today we share with you simple tips on how to learn to love yourself and value life. Try to follow the recommendations, and life will be filled with new energy that can heal the soul and body.

Don’t chase perfection

The ideal person does not exist, it is an illusion and self-deception. Learn to accept your mistakes, they make you wiser. Failure does not mean that you are a failure, you just do not your own business. Remember, you never lose, but you learn and become wiser.

Miguel Ruiz: “It’s like a sick person is recovering. Just do your best under any circumstances and you will avoid self-condemnation, self-deprecation and regret. ”

Stop doing something all the time

Learn to listen to your body and let it rest. Try to get rid of the guilt that comes with this. Take a walk in the forest, read your favorite books, listen to music, do whatever creates a feeling of freedom in your body.

Wayne Dyer: “I am a person for life, not for work. Don’t judge yourself by how well you do something in your life. You are not the same as your deeds. Do not think that if there is no work … then there is no you either. ”

Don’t criticize yourself

Everything in life develops exactly the way you think and imagine. That is why self-criticism does not give a chance to believe in yourself. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Treat yourself with pride, without being rude or humiliating.

Louise Hay: “You criticized yourself for years and it didn’t work. Try to praise yourself and see what happens. ”

Do not blame anyone for your or someone else’s problems

Louise Hay: “Everything you give, you get back.” Wayne Dyer: “All accusations are a waste of time. No matter how guilty the outsiders are, it won’t change you. You can successfully make someone feel guilty, but it will not help you change what makes you unhappy about yourself. ”

Byron Katie: “Placing blame on another or evaluating his actions makes it impossible for you to change yourself; taking responsibility gives you that opportunity. ”

Analyze your thoughts

There is no way to know how a person feels about you. There is no need for this, so don’t clutter your mind with unnecessary scripts.
Louise Hay: “In order to change someone else, you must first of all change yourself. We need to change the course of our thoughts. Drive away the thoughts that make you unhappy, do the things that you like, meet people with whom you feel good. ”

Live every minute, don’t live your life waiting

Every day is a gift from the Almighty, be grateful for every moment you lived on this earth. Concentrate thoughts only on the good, rejoice in what is, not ephemeral happiness. There are things that you cannot control, they do not depend on the applied effort. You will always get what you need, but sometimes you have to learn to wait.

Louise Hay: “I noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more you thank, the more positive things happen. If something in our life is easy for us, then these are not lessons, this is what we already know. “

Byron Katie: “Life is simple. Everything happens to you, and does not come from you. Everything happens exactly at the right time, not too early and not too late. You don’t like it … you do something just to make it easier for you. ”

No need to be liked by others

The most waste of time is worrying about what others think of you. Your life belongs only to you and you have the right to make your own choices. He may not always be liked by others, but you do not need someone else’s approval.

Miguel Ruiz: “Nobody will do anything for you. What others say and do depends on their own reality, their own dream. If you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you will not become a victim of unnecessary suffering. ”

Get rid of your guilt

This is not an innate human feeling, but a socially formed one. Another way to punish yourself with fear and internal aggression. The feeling of guilt arises in childhood and provokes inferiority complexes. Learn to say no and don’t let others manipulate you. Do not explain anything and do not make excuses, try to forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past.

Louise Hay: “Guilt is a useless feeling. It never helps anyone and is unable to change the situation. So get yourself out of jail. The people who caused us suffering were as intimidated as you are now. ”

Love yourself

Heal yourself by accepting as you are! It may be difficult at first, but when you learn to love the reflection in the mirror, a miracle will happen.
Miguel Ruiz: “The real us is pure love. We are life. “

Louise Hay: “Self-approval and self-acceptance is the key to positive change in our lives.”

Listen to your body

All our diseases are from wrong thoughts. The body is trying to say something important, try to hear it. All negative emotions and resentments provoke the body’s response, which is called illness. You can heal your body only when you change your thoughts.

Louise Hay: “Our body speaks to us all the time. If only we could take the time to listen! Every cell of the body reacts to our every thought and every word. ”

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