Feb 18, 2021
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Why modern children grow up quickly

Why modern children grow up quickly

Modern research more and more often touches upon the issue of acceleration, which is so urgent now. What is it?

Acceleration is the acceleration of the maturation of children and adolescents compared to previous generations. It manifests itself in many physical and psychological indicators of the state of the child’s body, such as height, weight and mental development.

Why is knowledge about these indicators so important? The fact is that very often some deviations can appear in the development of children, which are not necessarily something bad. However, it is important for parents to know that everything is fine with their child.

That is why it is worth studying statistics and everything that can be somehow connected with the development of your child. The problem of growing up children may be that parents often do not know how normal everything that happens to the child is. For example, is it normal for a child to read too early or too late?

The appearance of the first teeth. If earlier the first baby teeth appeared in a child for about a year, now this can happen as early as three months.
Children begin to sit and walk much earlier.

Milk teeth can begin to change as early as 5 years old. Puberty also begins much earlier. Back in the 1980s, girls reached puberty only at the age of 15-16. Now this age has dropped to 10–12 years.

Average growth has become noticeably higher. We are about a head taller than our ancestors. The difference in height is about 10 centimeters.

We stop growing at a much earlier age than our predecessors. Our physical development stops already by the age of 16-18, whereas a few generations ago this age was 20-22 years. We also age much later.

The reproductive period has increased in the same way. Menopause in most women now occurs closer to 50 years.
Scientists divide the reasons for such global changes into two categories. Some researchers argue that technological progress is the main driver of development.

For example, daylight hours are now much longer than before, because we use electricity. In addition, we can almost constantly maintain a comfortable temperature for our bodies. And medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds.

It is thanks to technical progress that our body can now spend all its resources on mental and mental development. Now there is no need to run away from wild animals or bask in the fires.

We no longer need many defense mechanisms. For example, it has evolved so that women have a much wider pelvis than men. This is due to the fact that all childbirth was previously natural and nature itself protected us from the lethal consequences of the birth of a child.

However, now the pelvis in women is gradually narrowing, because the achievements of modern medicine make childbirth a much more bearable process. And the process of growing up a child is now happening much faster.

The second reason for acceleration is not so bright and optimistic. Many believe that the way children and adolescents look now is provoked by the chemistry that is added to food, as well as growth hormones, which are abundant in meat.

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