May 3, 2022
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Why men move away: the real reasons, and how to stop it

Why men move away: the real reasons, and how to stop it

Men can distance themselves from women for a variety of reasons. But they all have one thing in common: they feel bad for you. They feel unhappy, which means that past feelings and passion remain in the past. Everything changes almost overnight. Although in fact – it all started a long time ago and lasted quite a long time …

So why are they moving away? How to find out? Ask – they will not answer or keep silent. Or they’ll skip it altogether. “What is the real reason?” – this is the question that worries and torments many girls and women. What to do when you feel that a man has begun to move away, has changed? How to react, what to do, how to stop it in the end? How to return old feelings, and is it possible?

Why do men distance themselves

Let’s discuss some of the most common reasons why men pull away from us, and then move on to the “true” ones that summarize the information and really explain everything.

1. He is busy or preoccupied with some of his things or events

This really happens and quite often. Men, unlike women, are not inclined to immediately share their experiences and feelings, even with the closest people. This is due to our society, in which the role of machos who “never cry” is imposed on them. However, guys are the same as everyone else, which means they experience stress due to work, misunderstandings and troubles in the family, etc.

This does not mean at all that they do not want to go on dates or that they have fallen out of love. Not at all. It’s just that it’s difficult and difficult for them now, which outwardly may look like a manifestation of hostility or indifference. If you notice that a man is thinking about something of his own, hovering somewhere miles away from you – this can really be a problem.

The worst thing you can do in this case is to start reproaching him or being offended. This will only make the situation worse.

2. At some point, he shows less and less activity and initiative – perhaps he thinks that you are too unavailable

This has already been written and talked about many times, but for some reason women forget: men like it when you are the first to take the initiative. Or at least make it clear that you care about them. Otherwise, the guy may decide that you have someone or he is not good enough, and retreats. His decision to distance himself is logical and balanced. He’s sure it’s the right thing to do.

3. He is shy, or even … afraid of you

Sometimes guys step back and refuse those they really like for a completely ridiculous reason: they are intimidated by your beauty, self-confidence, or success with other men. Luckily, these guys are few and far between, but they do exist and should not be forgotten. By the way, outwardly they can be strong and confident, but inside they can be filled with fears and complexes.

4. He feels like he’s not ready for a serious relationship yet.

Often we can’t even explain to ourselves how we feel. A man, realizing how seriously interested you are in a serious relationship, may … get scared. Or suddenly realize that this is not at all what he wants. In order not to lie to you and not give false illusions, it moves away, and eventually completely leaves. He thinks it’s more honest. If you think about it, he really didn’t promise you anything, so there is a certain logic in such behavior.

5. You are too accessible for him.

Men are hunters by nature, so if you flirt too openly and almost drive him into a “trap”, then it’s scary. He may decide that you are too light, and therefore an uninteresting “trophy”. Spend an evening or night together, dance at a party, go somewhere in a noisy company – he is ready for this. But morning comes and the “relationship” ends.

Not all men like to break hearts and play with the feelings of girls, so they just gently move away. The fact that you have already drawn a plan of your love in your head and even a house on the seashore – they do not even suspect.

6. He can’t handle overwhelming love.

Perhaps a man really feels a strong attraction to you, or maybe even fell in love like never before. And the unbelievable happens: it scares him. This is the first time this has happened to him, he does not know how to react, so for now he prefers to keep a safe distance.

7. He is afraid that you will hurt

Some men are so traumatized by unhappy love in the past that they already, as they say, even blow on cold milk. They are terribly afraid of the pain that they had to endure, and they try to calculate everything to the smallest detail. This does not mean that he does not love you or does not plan a serious relationship.

The reason is different: the man is still experiencing past failures or wounds in his heart – they have not yet healed. He distances himself so as not to be vulnerable – it’s calmer and safer.

8. He is not interested in a relationship with you.

It’s embarrassing, embarrassing, but that’s what happens in real life. After all, no one knows why we are attracted to some people, and left completely indifferent – by others. Whether you are the most beautiful, kind, smart and funny, but this is not a guarantee that the guy will fall head over heels in love. He may like you, be interested, but not for long. Nobody is to blame for this. Not him, and certainly not you. Yes, because so.

In this case, the distance of a man is a neat signal that he is not interested in you. He does not want to offend you, but he will not pretend to be either.

9. He has another girlfriend – real or in mind

If he meets someone else or sighs about a girl who is still “busy”, then this only means that you are an alternate airfield. Rarely will anyone agree to such a role, because you are hurt and offended. This is fine. Perhaps he met this girl when he was in a relationship with you.

And, perhaps, secretly sighs about someone almost from the school bench. This does not mean at all that he is a player or a scoundrel. It’s just that you met at the wrong time, or he is not yet ready for a serious relationship.

10. He deliberately manipulates you.

On the other hand, there are quite a few guys who really love to play and manipulate girls. They intentionally either bring you closer or further away in order to attract and fall in love with them. Therefore, one day such a man can be affectionate and gentle, fall asleep with flowers and gifts, and the next – disappear and not even call.

This man is a player. Although it is possible that he is just crazy. In any case, building a relationship with him is like on the sand.

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