Sep 21, 2022
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Why Liz Truss is worse than Boris Johnson

Liz Truss somehow did not work out right away. Just two days after her appointment as Prime Minister of Britain, the Queen died. It is clear that “Baba Liza” was at a very respectable age, but still somehow did not coincide very well. As if the universe itself sends a hint – it will only get worse.

What do we even know about Liz Truss? She is the third female Prime Minister in British history, all three (including Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May) were Tories. And at the same time, she is the fourth Conservative prime minister in a row in the past six years (after David Cameron, the same Theresa May and the incomparable Boris). At the same time, Cameron alone remained in power for six years – from 2010 to 2016. What does it say? The fact that the situation in the British establishment is far from stable.

But back to our today’s heroine. Trass was born in 1975 in an intelligent family: her mother was a nurse, her father was a teacher. Both parents adhered to extremely leftist, almost communist views, and from childhood they “processed” little Lisa. They worked on their daughter to the point that, being a schoolgirl, she even joined the movement for nuclear disarmament – it was such a party of pacifists-weeds from wealthy families who offered the British government to unilaterally dispose of the country’s nuclear weapons. And this is against the backdrop of the Cold War. For us, that is, for the USSR, such people were what is usually called the term “useful idiot”, but the main thing here is the views with which the still young Elizabeth Truss came into politics.

However, then something in her changes, she meets the last years of the 20th century as a conservative. The changes were not only internal, but also external. Trass has lost weight, her tousled student hairstyle has been replaced by a perfectly balanced bob. When you look at the late photos of the new prime minister, the feeling that you have already seen it all somewhere does not leave. Short blond hair, a strict, slightly heavy look, dark and cold tones prevail in clothes: black, dark blue, purple. Yes, it’s Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher! Truss imitates the latter even in the fact that he is photographed riding on military equipment.

The alien soul is dark, but looking at the biography of Liz Truss, one gets the feeling that at a fairly early age she was disappointed in the ideas that her parents instilled in her. Or she simply considered that after the end of the Cold War, pacifism would no longer be in such demand, but strong female hawks would be. Be that as it may, just a few weeks ago, during the struggle for leadership in the Conservative Party, Truss, who once campaigned for nuclear disarmament, said that she would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons, even if it means global catastrophe. And it’s not even entirely clear whether her words are simple populism or whether her internal soul-searching has really gone that far.

After occupying an office on Downing Street, Liz Truss first called – naturally – Joe Biden to express full and unconditional support for the position of the United States and NATO on Ukraine. The 51st state remains loyal to its president. The second call was addressed to Vladimir Zelensky, whom the new prime minister also assured of her full support. The first calls at the post are a certain ritual designed to emphasize the course of the new government. Usually, British prime ministers always called their European counterparts, usually in Paris and Berlin – but Truss did not even pretend to be polite. However, the new British prime minister demonstrates hostility not only towards Russia. Truss has repeatedly spoken out harshly against China, calling for “fighting its influence.”

Of course, the new Tory leader promised to increase Britain’s already huge military spending from 2% of GDP to 3% by 2030. This means that Britain will spend an additional $150 billion on the army in less than eight years. If it arrives somewhere, it means that it decreases somewhere, and the healthcare system, education and other social spheres will probably go under the knife. Everything can be attributed to the need to protect world democracy from Russia and China, so that the British will still remember the current record level of poverty for the country years later with warmth. In the past, as you know, it was always better.

One might get the impression that Truss, who once “changed the team” (which benefited her career), seems to be trying to prove something to the world and to herself, demonstrating an excessive degree of radicalism even for her conservative environment. She also previously spoke out against the UK leaving the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum. But then, having entered the government of the incomparable Boris, she became a hard supporter of Brexit, which also benefited her career.

With all this, Truss sometimes demonstrates ignorance even in areas that should be included in her direct competence. Even when she was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, she blurted out that Ukraine, they say, has a lot of experience in defending independence from the Mongols and Tatars. The first independent Ukrainian state, if anything, was formed only in 1917 and existed for nothing at all. Only the lazy did not ridicule the mediocre knowledge of the then minister in the field of geography – during a February visit to Moscow, Truss “gave” the Rostov and Voronezh regions to Ukraine. That trip was generally unsuccessful for the British side, and Liz Truss herself seemed to be concerned only with her own image, and not with the needs of the state. She dressed in furs and arranged a photo shoot in Moscow (again, imitating Thatcher), despite the fact that last February in the Russian capital turned out to be unseasonably warm.

Elizabeth Truss has tried to stand out throughout her political career. To do this, she copied famous women politicians and made high-profile statements. All in order to create the image of a strong woman. The problem is that it has always been just an image. The late Margaret Thatcher was a strong personality. Hillary Clinton, who is still alive, is also one (regardless of her attitude towards us and our country) – she survived the worst possible humiliation for a woman, found the strength to return to politics and almost became president. Even the “big child” Boris is a person who is not devoid of talents and charisma. And Liz Truss is just an artificially created image, a mask, a cast of someone else’s face, behind which there is only emptiness.

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