Sep 7, 2021
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"Why is this not the main topic?": Pronko presented "shocking information" About Russia

Yuri Pronko presented “shocking information” about Russia. He drew attention to the statement of Tatyana Golikova, who said that men make up 80% of those who did not live to retire: “Why is this not the main topic?”

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova said that almost a third of deaths in the country are among people of working age, Yury Pronko, an economic observer of the channel, reported in the Tsargrad. Main program.

Moreover, men make up 80% of those who did not live to retire. In the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, the Deputy Prime Minister also said that 55% of deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases, and another 30% are external causes.

The host of the “First Russian”, evaluating the statistics, stated that this was “shocking information.” He wondered if this situation was the result of so-called health care optimization.

Just think about it. Why doesn’t this become the main topic? This is a screaming problem that should become the object of subject analysis, ”Pronko noted.

Alexander Safonov, Vice-Rector of the Financial University under the Government of Russia, also commented on the situation on the air of the program. He noted that experts have long been discussing the problem of inadequate working conditions, due to which a large number of men die before reaching retirement age.

He expressed regret that the state’s attention to this has been weakened, since it is believed that business is more responsible for this area.

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