Jun 19, 2022
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Why is sarcoma treated in Israel?

Why is sarcoma treated in Israel?Why is sarcoma treated in Israel?

Despite the fact that sarcoma is treated in clinics scattered around the world, most people prefer to visit Israel, for example, the Ichilov clinic. This is because in the CIS countries the treatment of cancer patients has not been relegated to the background. This was due to a pandemic that swept almost the entire world. And therefore, the treatment of sarcoma in Israel (more) is currently an ideal option.

Effective modern methods of treatment of sarcoma

Today there are many types of tumors. Considering what type of tumor, what stage of development, a decision is made about which approaches and methods of treatment will be used. A variety of technologies and techniques are now involved.

Targeted Therapy

Developed by leading pharmaceutical companies, targeted drugs stand out for their effectiveness. And it is they who are used if doctors voiced an unfavorable prognosis. The composition of such drugs includes special proteins-antibodies, as well as highly active molecules. This combination actively eliminates tumor clones. It does not matter where exactly they are located, how active they are. As for healthy cells, they are not negatively affected.

external beam radiation therapy

Ichilov Clinic is equipped with modern and efficient True Beam STx linear accelerators. Movable blades are used as radiation sources. Therefore, there are no problems with changing the penetration depth and directions of the emitting beam. Radiation penetrates only into those tissues where the tumor is concentrated. This radiation contributes to the removal of more severe symptoms, removal of edema, as well as bleeding.

Hematopoietic cell transplant

In some cases, bone marrow transplantation is used to treat sarcoma. In this case, the immune system is rebooted. As a result, the patient’s body begins to more actively fight malignant clones. In order for the transplantation to bring the expected result, this work should be entrusted to the Ichilov clinic. This is because specialists here carefully select donors. For this, a huge number of parameters are taken into account. Therefore, transplanted hematopoietic cells take root rather quickly.

Regional chemotherapy

As a rule, this technique contributes to a rapid decrease in the size of the tumor. A similar technique is used before surgical interventions. Additionally, the gradual destruction of metastases is carried out, as well as a decrease in the level of sensitivity of malignant cells. The essence of regional chemotherapy is that an elastic catheter is inserted into the vascular bed of a malignant tumor. A special solution is constantly injected through this catheter, which is concentrated only in the tumor. Since this solution does not spread through healthy tissues, the likelihood of intoxication of the body is reduced.

Surgical intervention

In Israel, the Ichilov clinic actively uses a robotic assistant, which is equipped with a certain number of manipulators, a control unit, and additional devices. All this allows for precise surgical intervention. In addition, it will be easier for specialists to determine where the tumor is localized, how much it has spread.

Before the specialists from the Ichilov clinic make a decision about which particular method of treatment will be used, they will conduct an examination. For this, efficient and multifunctional equipment will be used. All this has a positive effect on the treatment of sarcoma.

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