Apr 18, 2021
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Why is restaurant food dangerous?

Answers head Consultative and Diagnostic Center of the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology, Ph.D. Ekaterina Burlyaeva:

– More often than not, food in food outlets contains more salt, sugar and saturated fat. And these components are considered critical in terms of the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. How can this risk be reduced? Choose restaurants or cafes where you can choose the ingredients of the dish yourself, order food without salt. From the menu, it is advisable to prefer the simplest dishes, where the list of components is smaller. For example, grilled meat or steamed fish, not baked with mayonnaise, cheese and eggs.

Train yourself not to add sugar to tea or coffee. Choose a tea with a strong flavor that you can drink without sugar, for example, fruit tea, with ginger, etc. It is better to indulge in a sweet dessert occasionally than to constantly drink sugary drinks. Also, simple carbohydrates are found in fruits.

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