Oct 12, 2021
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Why is pregnancy management necessary?

Why is pregnancy management necessary?

The deadlines for registration are not set.

Pregnancy and subsequent childbirth is a rather difficult period for a woman, no matter what age she is. During this period, pregnancy monitoring in Kiev, organized by professional gynecologists, is required, because they will be able to timely establish the presence of abnormalities and begin treatment.

Pregnancy management: when is it required?

The deadlines for registration are not set. But experts recommend doing this for 7-12 weeks. Those women who complete the procedure on time will be able to receive a lump sum. Gynecologists do not register if the gestational age does not exceed 7 weeks. After 12 weeks, girls rarely become registered, since it is possible to identify the fact of pregnancy even earlier.


Previously, to register, you had to have a local registration. At the moment, only a compulsory medical insurance policy is required. In this case, you can go to almost any clinic. To do this, it is worth filling out a form and submitting an application. For registration, certain documents must be prepared in advance:

  • Medical policy.
  • SNILS.
  • Passport.

The next step is choosing a clinic. You can give preference to a state clinic or contact a paid medical center. If a girl chooses a commercial clinic, then it is worth clarifying in advance whether sick leave or exchange cards are provided. Before contacting a specific medical center, you should first study the responses presented on the forums. This will allow you to select a suitable institution.

Why is pregnancy management necessary?

Features of pregnancy management

At the first visit, an exchange card is issued. It contains data on the studies carried out, on the state of health. The card includes several coupons. They enter data on both pregnancy and childbirth. The rest of the coupons are filled out after childbirth. During the viewing, professionals conduct an examination, send for an ultrasound scan. From week 13 to week 28, the gynecologist should be visited every month. The doctor will monitor the fetal heart rate. If necessary, pregnant women undergo additional tests. Maternity leave is issued in the third trimester. From this moment on, it is worth going to a specialist every 2 weeks, and starting from 37 – every week. If necessary, you can use a service such as paid pregnancy management. This option is attractive because the specialist constantly monitors the condition of the materials and the unborn child.

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