Sep 16, 2020
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Why is it dangerous to always say “yes”: how does it affect energy, luck and mood

Why it is dangerous to always say yes: how does it affect energy, luck and mood

Many of us often help friends, acquaintances or just those around us. Someone wants to be known as a kind person, but some simply do not know how to refuse. Experts will tell you what this is fraught with for energy and mood.

There are many life truths that can make you stronger. One is that you shouldn't say yes to everyone. Helping relatives and friends should be correct. It's time to find out what our kindness is fraught with.

First, a person will ask for something once, then a second, then a third. Over time, refusal will begin to be regarded as an insult, because if you do good for a person constantly, he begins to devalue it. In other words, help becomes less and less useful each time, because the person becomes impudent and relaxes.

There are two ways out of this situation - either to preserve the relationship and continue to invest in a person, contrary to common sense and to the detriment of oneself, or to break off the relationship and free oneself. Sometimes manipulators who press on pity or conscience ask for help. It is very dangerous to deal with such people. These are the most real energy vampires who will not blink an eye for you, but themselves feed on your strength, kindness and energy.

That is why you need to help only the closest people and only in special situations. It so happens that someone asks for help, but this person does not deserve it at all. This may be a university friend who did not attend lectures at all for six months and then asked for support, or a colleague who took a rest all day instead of working.

Before helping someone, it's best to find out what their true motive is. There are three sure signs that you are a person with poor energy. It is better not to help such people.

It won't be anyone's fault, but it's a terribly unpleasant situation. For many it happened like this: someone asks for help, then this person receives it, but does not even say "thank you."

Bioenergy experts and psychologists advise you to do the following. It is always necessary to negotiate the terms of assistance in advance. For example, ask for a counter favor. If a person immediately refuses to help, although the counter request is simple, then this is a freebie hunter who does not respect your interests.

When someone doesn't appreciate our kindness, it really hurts mood, energy and self-esteem.

When we undertake to help in something, but do not understand the issue, this can aggravate the problem. We can substitute a person, upset him.

In such situations, it is important to immediately honestly say that you do not understand the issue with which you were contacted. If a person says that it doesn't make sense to him, it is important to warn him anyway that the result may be disappointing. If everything does not work out in the best way, all parties to the agreement will waste time. There is no need to do disservice.

When we help everyone, we waste time, and time is money. If you are a kind soul to everyone you meet, then you will notice that a lot of time is wasted. If a person helped three people, even giving them only ten minutes of his life, this is already minus half an hour.

As a result, you either have to work longer or be in a hurry. Often, due to lack of time, you have to revise your plans for the future. Every help must be planned. If a person asks for something right now, you need to assess how negatively it will affect your affairs. If help can be postponed for a time convenient for you, it is better to do this by suggesting another day.

Many of us often take on other people's problems, but this can be dangerous. Expert advice will help you avoid this and start living your life and being guided by your priorities, without unnecessary thoughts about someone else.

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