Feb 20, 2021
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Why is gypsy fortune telling so popular

Why is gypsy fortune telling so popular

The gypsy horoscope is a kind of analogue of the astrological one. He also determines the fate and character of a person by the date of his birth, but based on his own criteria, indicators and methods of interpretation. We present you the gypsy fortune telling by the stars.

Cup (21.01 – 19.02)

The sign of a person who is indecisive and hesitant. He can leave the case unfinished only because of doubt of success. But, on the other hand, his plus is that he does not make rash decisions. “Measure a hundred times, cut once, and for sure,” is about him.

The bowls subtly feel harmony in relationships and dream of making all the people around them happy. Psychologically, they are strong, but physically not too hardy, they quickly get tired. They need to follow the daily routine.

Hood (20.02 – 20.03)

The special gift of the Hoods is to make loyal and sincere friends. Friends are even more important to them than relatives. The hoods are determined and adventurous. But they often experience financial difficulties because of their passion. At the same time, they never stay in debt for a long time.

They restore mental strength thanks to the contemplation of beauty. They are creative, constructive personalities.

Dagger (21.03 – 20.04)

Quite a practical sign, he knows what he wants and always moves towards his goal quickly and directly. People-Daggers have good intuition, so it is not difficult for them to guess the mood of others. They can immediately determine where the friend is and where the enemy is.

The dagger loves to compete, competition inspires him to rapid development. The only negative is impulsivity. A little more discretion, and he would get what he wanted 100% of the time.

Wreath (21.04 – 20.05)

People-Wreaths are lovers of luxury, they believe that they are entitled to only the best that is in general in life. Their self-esteem and self-esteem are slightly overestimated.
They achieve their goal through unwavering perseverance. She’s a little annoying, but when she goes from ordinary stubbornness to purposefulness, she is admirable. Often, Wreaths find their vocation in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Candlestick (21.05 – 20.06)

This sign tends to be attached to people and things. The candlestick that exudes warmth and cordiality is always loved by the people around. He knows this well. He is disinterested, but because of his attachment, too intrusive.

Candlesticks are very smart, they can become scientists. They love money, but not so much to earn as to save. Sometimes the thirst for accumulation turns them into real curmudgeons.

Wheel (21.06 – 21.07)

Emotional and impulsive people are born under this sign. People-Wheels are sensitive, vulnerable, prone to dreams and dreams, fantasies. They are romantics.
Their place is in the literary field or on stage. To restore mental strength, they need a vacation at sea, travel, or just switching from one activity to another.

Star (22.07 – 22.08)

Enchanting Stars have a strong natural charm and charisma. These gifts of nature help them a lot in life. They are real lucky ones, darlings of fate.

They have a passionate desire to be brilliant in everything, without exception. Such irrepressibility often wears them out. The stars are advised to periodically be alone with themselves to recuperate.

Bell (23.08 – 22.09)

Very gentle, kind, warm-hearted people. Bells are very attentive to their interlocutors, they know how to listen like no one else. They give good advice, but at the same time expect the same attention to themselves.

Since they are a little angry and nervous, they are often in good health. And others are taught to avoid stress as the source of all life’s troubles.

Coin (23.09 – 22.10)

People-coins are overwhelmed with positive and willingly share it with others. They are prudent and rational.

They have a business streak and dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Coins negotiate well, they are excellent managers and administrators, but are somewhat weak as organizers. These people have an innate sense of justice. This helps them in relationships with loved ones, but it interferes with doing business.

Doug (23.10 – 21.11)

Daga was given to a gypsy as a symbol of the end of adolescence. Under this sign, mysterious and strong people with an indomitable and firm disposition are born.
These are leaders who know how to lead, arouse universal respect and respect. They have an analytical mindset, they notice everything, decisions are made by reason, not emotions.

Ax (22.11 – 21.12)

Axes are risky people. They are eternal adventurers. They love freedom, it is difficult for them to start relationships with people because of the fear of becoming attached, becoming dependent.

You can trust them. They are reliable people, they will not tell secrets to anyone, they will help and support. But they themselves will not initiate into their worries, they will deal with problems and cope with emotional experiences on their own.

Horseshoe (22.12 – 20.01)

Great enthusiasts. They try to achieve their goal and spend a lot of energy and effort on it. These people are fearless, a little cocky, ready to take risks.
Since they are not lazy and work hard, they achieve success. Horseshoes love system, regularity, organization. They often become business trainers, coaches, psychologists.

The gypsy horoscope is very unusual. They compose this horoscope on gypsy charts, while ordinary astrologers are more guided by the stars. Choose what seems more reliable to you.

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