Sep 12, 2022
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Why is diving so attractive?

Why is diving so attractive?

If your knees are shaking with fear, if you imagine a column of water above you, or in your worst dream you see yourself drowning, then diving is probably not for you. Although, sometimes they “knock out a wedge with a wedge” and a passion for diving can become the very lifesaver that will help overcome phobias …

Today, a huge number of people are engaged in diving in the world. Most, in fact, “amateur”, others strive to master the science of diving from A to Z, try different techniques, go to diving resorts where there are special objects at the bottom of the sea (or ocean).

The good thing about diving is that it is international. Germans, Frenchmen, Canadians and Russians can dive in one team. The main thing is to establish communication, fortunately, you don’t have to speak underwater, it’s enough to master the necessary gestures so that your partner understands what you are telling him. By the way, about partners. Divers must dive in pairs. This is due to the particular risk that is present under water. You can’t run away from accidents – the balloon may run out, you can catch on some object at the bottom, get injured or just feel bad. And in such a situation, a partner will always come to the rescue. Most often, a beginner and an experienced diver are put on the same team.

Where to go to study?

Today, many diving centers are open. What can you do, this sport has become very fashionable today. That is why the quality of training, at times, does not coincide with the program that a novice diver should master. Price, unfortunately, is also not an indicator. Here the attitude of the trainer himself to his work is important, so it is better to choose a center on the good recommendation of friends.

How do divers learn?

Diving courses, as a rule, begin with theoretical lessons, after which the trained people move on to training in the pool. As a rule, five-day courses with daily immersion are practiced. All sorts of express courses lasting one to three days are not the best option, since a person does not have time to learn the necessary knowledge base in such a short time. An open reservoir is already, in fact, an exam for “professional suitability” in diving. Such diving is also practiced not everywhere, but only where they are physically available, and there are also explored places where it is not scary to lead novice athletes.

Today on television you can constantly hear that diving is dangerous. Yes, of course, this is not a nice walk along the seashore and not shopping until you lose all your cash.


There are special features in this sport, which every day bring more and more new people into it, who, after just a couple of dives, begin to “get sick” with diving. A “land” person does not understand all the charm of scuba diving, you just have to take a word or … try it yourself.

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