Nov 8, 2021
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Why is “Dead Head” afraid of “Dead Hand”

On speculation around a preemptive nuclear strike

The name of the SS Panzer Division “Death’s Head” will not soon disappear from the historical literature, its by no means heroic path left unforgettable traces.

This division was formed in 1939 on the basis of the SS training center in the Bavarian town of Dachau. By that time, a concentration camp was already functioning there, and the cadets of the training center were involved in performing various functions in it. Dachau contained political opponents of the Nazi regime, primarily communists and socialists. Thieves, homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts and others who polluted the Aryan race were thrown here. All in one heap. The concentration camp became the first testing ground where the system of physical and psychological impact on people was worked out.

The purpose of medical experiments was to study the possibility of controlling human behavior. In addition, the effects on humans of low blood pressure and cold were studied. A test was also carried out here of the poison gas Cyclone B, produced at the enterprises of IG Farbenindutri and intended for the destruction of representatives of non-Aryan races. Gas entered the cells with prisoners through ventilation, so tens of thousands of people were killed. Hence the connection between the Farbenindustry scientists and the future executioners from the Death’s Head division.

They all acted under the symbol Totenkopf (of a dead head), a sign of death. A typical example of the actions of the “Death’s Head” division was the shooting of captured British soldiers near the village of Le Paradise during the 1940 French campaign. After a short battle, the village was surrounded by the Germans. The British were ordered to hold out until dark, but they ran out of ammunition and the commander of the defenders, Major Ryder, ordered a hundred survivors to surrender. The commander of the 14th company, Fritz Knechlein, ordered to take the prisoners to the nearest barn and shoot them with two machine guns. The survivors, he ordered to finish off with bayonets. However, two Britons survived the massacre and subsequently testified at the trial of Knechlein, who was hanged by a British military court in 1948. It should be added that the Soviet army scattered the “Death’s Head” division on the battlefields, and by the end of the war, it was left with miserable bits and pieces.

However, this is not the end of the story. History IG Farbencontinued. In the 1920s, the company had ties to the liberal German People’s Party, for which the Nazis branded it as the “International Capitalist Jewish Company.” In the next decade, she began to invest in nazi party and after Hitler came to power became the largest government contractor. By 1938, the company had completely gotten rid of Jewish workers and employees. Being “The most famous German industrial concern Third Reich, IG Farbenwidely used the labor of concentration camp prisoners, including 30,000 prisoners. In this case, the gas “Cyclehe wouldMore than a million prisoners were killed.

By 1939 IG Farben produced 85% of all military-industrial products to prepare Nazi Germany for war.

The frightening symbol “Dead’s Head” is quite suitable for this financial and industrial conglomerate, which has laid the tradition of cooperation between big capital and forces that pose a mortal threat to humanity. These forces have survived. They are driven by the same passion for absolute control over the world that distinguished Hitler’s Reich. And the same innate deformity of the accomplices of evil – the conviction of their own superiority over the rest of humanity. This ugliness prompted them to call the Soviet defensive system “Perimeter” “Dead Hand”.

The Perimeter system was created during the Cold War and assumed an automatic response in the event of a decapitating nuclear strike by the West on the USSR. The system can enter automatic mode in the event the Center loses control over nuclear weapons and independently inflict a retaliatory strike. That is why, stricken with fear and hatred, the “Dead Head” dreamed of a “dead hand” emerging from the grave to grab the killer by the throat.

Gone are the decades of the game of the forces of the “Dead Head” with Russia in order to drive the Russian Federation into a strategic trap, surround it with bases and embittered limitrophes, drown its voice with total propaganda. And so it seemed to them that the Russian Federation was already in a trap: it had lost its defensive buffer along its perimeter, it was lagging behind in socio-economic development. It would seem that the time has come to squeeze Russia so that it can no longer rely on anything other than its own Nuclear Deterrence Force. And then the thesis about the expediency of a preventive nuclear strike against the Russian Federation is actualized.

The first step has already been taken. According to The Financial Times, Great Britain, France, Germany, as well as Japan and Australia are trying to ensure that Washington does not abandon the principle of delivering a preemptive strike in the event of an immediate threat to US security.

Now let’s remember. Some time ago, V. Putin announced that the creation of a new protected nuclear control center with the properties of absolute protection is nearing completion in Russia. This command post will survive even in the event of a nuclear strike. Today, according to media reports, construction is being completed.

So why is there such a fuss in NATO? Wasn’t the specter of a hot war in Ukraine whipping up this fuss? It is no coincidence that the Pentagon has placed additional F-15E fighters at bases in Romania and Bulgaria – they can take part in the war in Donbass on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, apparently, they will not accept it: such participation will not be backed up by the threat of a preemptive nuclear strike because of the “dead hand”. Yes, and in Moscow they are talking about the adoption of the doctrine of a preventive nuclear strike against a potential aggressor.

Something does not add up in the “dead head” with assessments of their own superiority over the rest of the world.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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