Dec 27, 2020
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Why is baby champagne harmful?

Parents often buy their young family members “baby champagne,” a soda pop with sugar and dyes that mimics a real alcoholic beverage. At the same time, parents do not see harm in children’s champagne, and the child thus meets the holiday as if on a par with adults. found out from nutritionist Elena Solomatinawhy this drink is harmful and who should not drink it.

What’s in baby champagne?

As Elena Solomatina explains, baby champagne resembles ordinary carbonated water with its not very useful properties. It contains water, large amounts of sugar and carbon dioxide. Depending on the cost of baby champagne, the composition contains either a juice concentrate (at best), or, if the drink is cheap, unnatural flavors and dyes, as well as preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate (gives the very “effervescence”) and citric acid …

What can excessive drinking lead to?

“There is nothing useful in the composition. It is sugar in large quantities combined with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide irritates the mucous membrane, and sugar is absorbed faster, and, as a result, the level of glucose in the body rises, ”the specialist says.

Solomatina explains that this excess glucose remains unprocessed, because it is unlikely that a child, having drunk baby champagne, will immediately run somewhere, engage in active games, etc. As a result, the so-called “swing” is obtained, when sugar in the body either rises or falls.

“Once, twice, it’s okay. But in the future, such a “swing” can lead to insulin resistance and further – to the development of type 2 diabetes. Now this disease is getting younger, ”says the nutritionist.

Excessive consumption of sugar is also fraught with the development of tooth decay. Citric acid is highly irritating to the mucous membrane and gastrointestinal tract, which is especially harmful for a child who has problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For example, in a child with gastritis or liver disease, baby champagne can trigger an exacerbation.

“There are studies that show that sodium benzoate has carcinogenic properties, and potassium sorbate can cause diarrhea,” the expert sums up. She adds that, in addition, all the flavors that are present in the drink can provoke allergies.

At what age and how much can a child drink baby champagne?

It depends on the child’s age, state of health and the amount of drink drunk. If you drink one glass for a holiday once a year, most likely nothing terrible will happen. But the use of such soda in large quantities and constantly can harm the body.

“Until the age of three, even useful“ pops ”are not given to children. It is better not to give even until the age of five. And then very much control consumption, because this is a completely unhealthy drink. It is better to make homemade lemonade and similar drinks and not teach the child to sweet soda, ”advises Solomatina.

She says that the body of a healthy child, of course, compensates for this harm, but only for the time being. “Some people drink two glasses of soda or more. But the child’s body can compensate for this for the time being. Each has its own margin of safety, there are no identical children. Someone will drink three glasses, yes, there will be belching and bloating, flatulence, discomfort. And for some, a glass will be enough to get allergies or pain from the gastrointestinal tract, ”says the specialist.

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