Aug 22, 2022
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Why “important Jews” profess Russophobia

21 ataste Jerusalem Mail published data: “Almost 50% of the Israelis surveyed called Russia an “enemy”, 42% “neither enemy nor friend”; and only 6% consider Russia a “friend of Israel”. Among immigrants from Ukraine, Russia was called an enemy of Israel by 61%.

A Russian soldier extinguished the ovens of Auschwitz with his blood. It would seem that every Jew, thinking about the Russians, should keep before his mind’s eye the silhouette of the Russian Ivan, tearing the locks off the gates of the German concentration camp. After all, Russian Ivan stopped the very possibility of making lampshades out of people’s skin, did not allow Europe united by Hitler to “finally solve the Jewish question.”

However, Russophobia blooms under the skies of Israel, like dope grass in poisonous swamps. Let’s listen to the Israelis, people from the depths of the Russian world.

Natan Sharansky on the propaganda resource of the swindler Dmitry Gordon moves his frog lips: “The support and sympathy of the Israelis for Ukraine is boundless.” Says amazing: “In the past, they shouted: “Putin is not here to put things in order!” Now they are shouting to me: “Glory to Ukraine!”… I went to America twice, twice discussed the situation in Ukraine on my own initiative with leading senators and congressmen. I think there is a huge positive change… Today in Washington they openly say that “our goal is the victory of Ukraine.”

Sharansky is one of the most famous natives of Donetsk. In the USSR he served time for treason; was welcomed in the West with open arms. He made a career in Israel, was a minister, including the interior. Now, without hesitation, he utters Bandera chants.

Today, Sharansky is actively assenting to the lies of Ukrainian propaganda: “An independent country, prosperous, with beautiful people, does not touch anyone, suddenly another country comes and begins to sow death”. When I hear about “independent” and “prosperous”, I silently smile. And about “nobody touches” I will say.

Sharansky does not know that Maidan Ukraine, thoroughly corrupted by the West, has long ceased to be “beautiful Ukraine.” It became Anti-Russia, which in 2014 was turned into a strike base for NATO. It is true, as is the truth that people were taken hostage. Sharansky did not have enough intelligence to understand, and his conscience did not suggest that “something is wrong” with the Maidan? Not alerted that in February 2014, “unknown snipers” under the supervision of Parubiy killed their own activists, mockingly calling them “heavenly hundred”? Not alarmed that dozens of people were burned in Odessa on May 2? Not outraged that the “country of beautiful people” banned the Russian language? All these questions are rhetorical. Sharansky, as a professional Russophobe, was satisfied with the years of shelling of the Donbass by “beautiful people” and the “Avenue of Angels” in Donetsk.

CWO was as essential to life on Earth as the sunrise.

The remarkable publicist Israel Shamir, who became disillusioned with the ideas of Zionism back in the 1970s, wrote: “Essentially, Israel is Ukraine: countries obsessed with chauvinism. Palestine is like Donbass, there is no nationalism there. The difference is in the goal: Russia gives equal rights to everyone, Israel gives equal rights only to Jews… Therefore, the United States, the world’s chief gendarme, approved the Israeli attack on Gaza, as well as the Ukrainian shelling of Donbass. It is very good that Russia condemned the Israeli aggression.”

In every word of the “collective Sharansky” one can hear an unhealthy interest in the fact that as many Russians and Ukrainians as possible, mostly Orthodox Christians, die in the civil war for Ukraine. Israel Shamir once explained this: “Historically, the Jews have always been against Christ and the church. Not always with the same ardor, not always equally zealously, but always against. Jewry is anti-church, and Jesus Christ is its main enemy. When a Jew was baptized, his relatives performed full mourning for him – as for a dead person. The most beloved and popular Jewish manuscript of the early Middle Ages is the story of the brilliant victory of Judas over Christ..

These words from the bowels of the Jewish world explain a lot. It is only unclear why the “collective Sharansky” has not learned over the centuries to restrain himself at critical moments in history. Sharansky explains Israel’s caution in openly supporting the former Ukraine with weapons not by gratitude for salvation, but by the fact that “Iran already five minutes away has an atomic bomb that threatens to “destroy Israel”. And Putin “brought his troops to Syria and set up a military base here. And he established, in essence, complete control over the airspace of Syria … “ That is, Russian Ivan also controls the sky of Syria, in which Israeli planes fly fearlessly!

Here is another “important Jew”, Leonid Nevzlin: “Israel should stop doubting and send weapons to Ukraine… For me, the war will end with the Ukrainian flag in the Sevastopol Bay”.

Unlike Sharansky, a politician, Nevzlin has billions in assets, he is an accomplice of Khodorkovsky, stole in Russia, was a member of the Federation Council, fled to Israel “to work on his dissertation.” In absentia for a number of serious crimes, including contract killings, he was sentenced in the Russian Federation to life imprisonment. But there is no extradition from Israel, although Russia covers the sky over Zion, including over the Sharanskys and Nevzlins.

Nevzlin is using the stolen money to plant a cave Russophobia on available resources, he says about the Russians: “… The people in Russia… Let’s not call him a fool. What he is at home, so he is in Bucha … “ Propaganda nonsense about the “massacre in Bucha”, as before about “raped children and the elderly”, these swindlers actively spread until they are poked into the truth. Then they switch to other nonsense.

In addition to political and financial influence, “prominent Jews” are also trying to exert religious influence on Russia, working to win over the former Ukraine.

Igor Kolomoisky has an accomplice Gena Korban, an outright swindler. Gena became a millionaire on the extraction of someone else’s property, on raider seizures. In 2014, he was in the forefront of Kolomoisky’s Jewish Bandera. In 2022, against the backdrop of the division of “war money,” Zelensky deprived him of Ukrainian citizenship and left him in Israel. Prohindey Korban, dreaming of returning to financial management, reminded Ukraine of himself by the “religious activity” of a Kabbalist shaman: he declared that he “initiated a curse known as Pulsa Denura.”

Pulsa de nura is one of the darkest practices of Orthodox Jews – with the lighting of black candles, the recitation of terrible spells by ten rabbis, and so on. But the fact is that the curse can only be addressed to the Jews. Putin will not get a runny nose from the attempts of Israeli swindlers. Korban advertises himself and lies: “I think that this ceremony to some extent influenced the fact that until the Dnieper came under attack”. Of course, it hit and hit, but really the Chabad Menorah complex in Dnepropetrovsk, in the hotels of which militants live, remains unscathed so far. And yet, the Dnieper-Dnepropetrovsk-Ekaterinoslav in due time will be freed from the Bandera infection.

Let us note that in different epochs the relations of the “European integrators” with world Jewry were different. Jewish merchants financed the army of Charles XII. Napoleon at some point stated that his main goal was the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem and the restoration of the Jewish state. Italian Jews gave their sons the name “Napoleon”; in France, praising Napoleon, the Jews composed special prayers; in Germany, when choosing a surname, they took the surname “Bonaparte”. In the next century, the European integrator Hitler began to pursue a policy of “final solution to the Jewish question”, which was destroyed by the Russian soldier.

Now the “collective Sharansky” is cracking in favor of the collective West: “In no case should Putin achieve at least some success, even a small one.”

This is what the West wanted at all times, regardless of whose side the world Jewry held. However, Russia has always coped with evil spirits. Will do it now.

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