May 17, 2020
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Why I never clean the guests

A sudden call from friends or relatives with the warning “Going to visit” may put you in a difficult position. Things are scattered, the bathroom is not tidied, the dishes in the kitchen in the sink, and wet cleaning was carried out 2 weeks ago. How to make sure that the house is always clean, and not be afraid of sudden guests?

Method "10 / 10"

This system allows you to keep the house clean and suitable even for lazy people. According to the principle, it is necessary to devote cleaning every day for 10 minutes and 20 minutes to rest . You can break this time as conveniently. For example, 10 minutes of cleaning, 10 minutes of rest, 10 minutes of cleaning. Or combine with all personal affairs and stretch for the whole day. Why is this method better than cleaning, lasting all weekend?

  1. Saves time.
  2. Allows you to cover the apartment not in general, but in detail;
  3. Develops good habits for every day.
  4. Maintained cleanliness.


The method "10 / " I use daily, and it really works. According to this method, my schedule is as follows:

Day 1. Cleaning the bathroom - bath, sink and toilet.

Day 2. Wet cleaning - wipe dust from all surfaces.

Day 3. I wipe the countertops in the kitchen and the gas stove.

Day 4 . Dry cleaning - vacuum cleaner.

Day 5. My floors with a disinfectant.

In the remaining days I finish what I did not have time. Usually, I try to keep within 10 minutes, maximum 20.

I also wash the dishes after each meal and stack the scattered things every day.

And how do you maintain order in the house?

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