Nov 17, 2021
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Why housewives refuse to bake food in foil

Why housewives refuse to bake food in foil

In fact, this method of cooking is far from the most useful one.

If you decide to quickly cook something for yourself for lunch, it is very likely that baking some vegetables with meat or fish in foil in the oven will be “it”. Even for heating in the oven, we all use aluminum foil or special containers.

In fact, this method of cooking is far from the most useful one. Moreover, even harmful. This is because particles of aluminum foil get into your plate, and then into your body. Admit it, it doesn’t sound very good. But first things first.


Internet users have conducted research and concluded that all progressive countries use aluminum in their food preparation. The pans and pans alone are worth something, not to mention the cutlery. That is, foil is not the most frequent source of aluminum in contact with your food.

And in principle, everything would be fine: the top layer of aluminum very quickly becomes dull and becomes covered with an oxide film that does not allow even the smallest particles to pass through. But for this, some time must pass, namely one frying or stewing in a similar dish or 2-4 boiling in ordinary water.


According to scientists, the human body successfully withstands a certain amount of aluminum per kilogram of weight. More or less accurate figures are as follows: it is safe to consume no more than 40 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. Accordingly, a person with an average weight of 60 kg may not worry about the concentration of 2400 mg of aluminum in his body.

However, according to statistics, the average person “absorbs” much more aluminum in the same day. The fact is that this element is present in corn, hard cheese, salt, spices and even tea. A large amount of it is stored in foil, as we have already written, and in some cutlery and dishes. Pharmaceutical agents and products for drinking water purification are also not lagging behind.

Doctors are still arguing whether this fact can lead to any strong changes in the human body, but they still have not come to a common conclusion.


As we said above, aluminum cookware oxidizes well after several cooking on it. Therefore, we advise you not to give in too much to a sense of aesthetics and do not scrub pots to “sunbeams” with a metal sponge. All work and efforts will be in vain, and the body can take a huge dose of unnecessary substances.

The issue with aluminum foil is quite different. It already has a polished surface, and it doesn’t matter if the matte or glossy side is used. It’s not bad if you cook something standard, but if any acid (lemon, strawberries, rose hips, chili peppers, thyme, broccoli) gets on its surface, the process of dissolving aluminum into food will be greatly accelerated.


Aluminum foil is a disposable product. Which is actually ironic. After all, if you use it several times, it will oxidize and will not so actively pass aluminum particles into food. But we must admit that burnt fat and the remains of the previous dish not only do not cause our aesthetic approval, but are also unsafe for health.

Therefore, we advise you to turn to old proven materials: clay, glass, parchment, even baking sleeves (even if a special cling film is used there) will work better. Foil is comfortable, and we are all already used to it, but if there is even a slight danger that it will harm your health, can you rebuild or at least use this little thing not so often?

Our article does not urge you to completely abandon your habits, stop using foil, or simply cut back a little. You will decide all this for yourself, dear reader. We just want to give you some food for thought and a link to some research. In fact, most people combine different materials in the kitchen and it turns out to be quite convenient and safe.

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