Jan 23, 2021
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Why grind honey, lemon and feijoa

Why grind honey, lemon and feijoa

For the first time I tried delicious feijoa 10 years ago, a friend brought an outlandish fruit from the market with the words: “I barely found it!” Fell in love from the very first berry! And not surprisingly, a light strawberry flavor with notes of pineapple and pleasant sourness will appeal to everyone.

Today it is already a familiar product that can be easily found in stores from November to January. The hostesses boldly cook jam from it, roll up compotes, and it’s not in vain, feijoa is a real vitamin bomb! It contains all the vitamins of group B, C, PP and, of course, iodine. In terms of iodine content, feijoa is not inferior to seafood and seaweed.

One kilogram of feijoa contains about 4 mg of iodine, and the daily requirement for a person is only 0.15 mg. In the berry, it is in a water-soluble form, therefore it is completely absorbed by the body. The fruit will be of great benefit to people with thyroid disorders, children, as well as everyone who is deficient in iodine.

This fruit helps in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases, see the list of useful vitamins in it!

  1. Vitamin C is involved in the treatment and prevention of colds and ARVI.
  2. Metabolism is normalized with the help of vitamin B1, it also supports the work of the heart muscle and brain.
  3. Vitamin B2 helps maintain normal hormone levels, breaks down fats, and participates in blood formation.
  4. Vitamin B3 manages to regulate the work of the digestive system. It also lowers blood pressure and inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  5. Vitamin B5 is most involved in metabolism; it is effective for bronchitis, allergies and lung diseases.
  6. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in building food enzymes. It is prescribed for people with disorders of the nervous system, for cramps and numbness of the arms or legs.
  7. Vitamin PP, which is also involved in protein metabolism, helps to cope with depression and cardiovascular diseases.

Feijoa contains easily digestible proteins, so this product is used in dietary nutrition, the main thing is not to abuse it. Optimally 5 or 6 berries per day. The flowers of the tree are dried and brewed into tea, added to compotes, baked goods and meat dishes.

Never peel the fruit! This is exactly what feijoa is for women in the fight against aging. The peel contains many antioxidants, kakhetin and leukoanthocin, which fight the formation of cancer cells.

The easiest way to make a delicious medicine is to grind the fruit through a meat grinder and add honey or sugar. It can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks, and can be frozen in portioned containers or bags.

For one kilogram of feijoa, you need to take 0.5 kilograms of sugar. Three teaspoons a day will completely eliminate iodine deficiency in the body. Use this mixture to make ice cream, the kids will love it!

The range of application of feijoa is very large, it is good to add it to fruit salads, cook compote, make fruit smoothies, baked goods or jam.

How to choose a feijoa

Berries are stored for a very short time: after harvesting – only 10 days, including transportation, if they are fully ripe. It is best to store in a ventilated container or in a single layer on a tray.

Know that the fruits are harvested in a state of incomplete ripeness, but they can reach at home. If the pulp is transparent or white – the berry is of high quality, if it is cloudy, beige or brown – this is a spoiled product and it is better not to buy it.

Now you know how feijoa is useful for the body. Never ignore this valuable source of vitamins, berries will support your health and help in the prevention of various diseases.

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