Apr 10, 2021
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Why girls with apartments are in no hurry to get married

Why girls with apartments are in no hurry to get married

In childhood, all the girls dreamed of a prince on a white horse, who would take them to his kingdom one fine day. Years pass, girls grow up and get used to rely only on themselves.

Modern men and women alike build careers, earn money and provide for their families. Fortunately, gender inequality was left behind many years ago, or not?

Be that as it may, both men and women are completely self-sufficient without any marriage bonds. Why is this happening? And why women who can support themselves don’t want to get married?

The editors wondered why, when solving the housing issue, women flatly refuse to marry. We found interesting stories of young ladies who are happy to live in their apartment and do not need a man’s support.

The housing issue is a burning topic. If you have your own nest, then you are a very happy person. It turns out that while earning on an equal basis with men, women do not see the point in sharing shelter with them.

Strong and independent

“Why do I need a man who can’t take care of me ?!” The young businesswoman exclaims nervously. “I bought a one-room apartment on a mortgage in St. Petersburg. When I bought it, I was a loner. Then I thought that I would get married, we would have our own housing, and we would rent this apartment.

I did not set myself the goal of finding a man with real estate, because together you can also save up for an apartment or house. My husband is still not there, but I’m starting to wonder if I need him at all. When I pay off the mortgage, why do I need a man who will sit around my neck? “

Interesting logic. Are there really so many avid men for women with apartments? There are adult men who flatly refuse to marry a girl who has less income. Story No. 2 is a vivid proof of this.

Equal play

If you look out of the corner of your eye at social networks and dating sites, you can see that many of them are looking for the right match. And it’s not even a matter of “chemistry”, what kind of romance is there! There are grooms who put forward a list of requirements for potential brides:

“I am a handsome, decent man from Moscow. I have my own apartment, and I’m looking for a girl only with an apartment. I don’t understand why newcomers stick to me, and the girls with the apartment don’t want a serious relationship. Is it really possible to find only a beggar as a wife ?! ” – it is difficult to comment on such an attitude towards women. An eyebrow twitches involuntarily, even if you have not been a feminist before. Well, we hope this man will find his betrothed with a dowry.

Happy marriage

And one well-to-do woman married a man 10 years younger than her. “Of course, he settled with me, where did the young guy get the money for real estate? Moreover, I have my own business, and he took out a loan for his own business. Several years passed, we moved from a provincial small town to a million-plus city. We sold the apartment and bought a more spacious apartment ”.

The first thing that comes to mind is that material values ​​are rarely combined with sincere feelings. In general, we are all different and think in different categories. You can condemn someone’s distorted worldview a thousand times, say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and a man should earn money. And vice versa. Our editorial staff is 90% romantics, and we firmly believe that in love there is no place for marriage of convenience.

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