Feb 5, 2021
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Why French women don’t age

Why French women don't age

How many women are offended by the question about age and find it offensive, how many do not celebrate birthdays, because they remind that another year has passed, bringing them closer to old age.

“Complexes, fears, insecurity and, most importantly, very low self-esteem are the main reasons for this attitude towards age,” Mikhail Labkovsky is convinced. But there are women for whom age is the same personality trait as eye color or, for example, height. Who are they? French women!

We, representatives of other cultures, cannot figure out the phenomenon of the French woman. Why are French women so slender? What is the secret of the excellent taste of Parisians? Why are they even more adorable with a hundred lines on their face? It seems that time has no power over French women, but it is not. We know for sure that the secret of French women is ridiculously simple: good wine, self-love and an adorer a couple of years younger.

Slender, weightless, in love with life and with themselves, beautiful French women look attractive at any age. It seems that they know the secret of eternal youth, but in fact, everything is very simple! Residents of France work for pleasure, do not get hung up on problems and take everything from life.

The noble aging of French women is the result of a very special attitude towards life and towards themselves. The ability to live and grow old beautifully has nothing to do with money or status, it is the ability to fill your life with pleasures that ultimately prolong the female age.

“What I really like about France is the attitude to age. It simply doesn’t exist here. Women do what they see fit, regardless of their date of birth. They look the way only they like, without resorting to the services of aesthetic medicine. They file for divorce, change lovers, and have various hobbies.

They are not at all afraid to radically change their field of activity, opening, for example, a newfangled bakery after a successful career in finance. After all, no one dares to condemn them, it simply does not occur to anyone. Well, if someone does not agree with their life choices, whether it is their inner circle or even children, these are their personal problems!

If you ride a bike at seventy, then be sure to wear a short skirt. If scarlet manicure, then well over sixty. And makeup, styling, heels, perhaps even a fur coat, also no earlier than 55 years old. After all, for French women at this age, life is just beginning.

They have already achieved everything in their careers and acquired real estate. The children began to arrange their own lives, without pretending to help grandmothers in caring for their grandchildren. More than half of the ladies separated from their husbands, most often at their own request, the other half made lovers for themselves. Well, someone even got married for the first time.

This is not to say that with age, absolutely all French women find their own style, most often this is far from the case. The bolder ladies begin to learn to walk in heels and wear short skirts. A scarlet manicure appears on the hands, and a neat styling from the hairdresser’s on the head. But many remain unchanged fans of ballet shoes, sneakers, dark trousers and loose cardigans.

Most French women are not fans of aesthetic medicine and desperately defend natural beauty, because in France, a woman at any age has a default attraction. Few would think of investing in botox or other expensive beauty treatments. French women don’t need it, they don’t get hung up on it.

Many are beginning to devote more time to sports and personal development. Therefore, at the age of 50, a Frenchwoman enters with an appearance that is not spoiled by either cosmetologists or hairdressers. And, as Coco Chanel said, with the one she deserved.

It will be fair to say that when working from 9:00 to 19:00, having several children, a loan for real estate, participating in the family budget equally with her spouse, a modern Frenchwoman no longer has time or finances for herself. The situation begins to change only closer to sixty years old, when the French woman finally gets the opportunity to take care of herself.

After retirement, French women think and care exclusively about themselves. And there can be no question of taking part in raising grandchildren or helping their children around the house. On very rare occasions when a grandmother really adores her grandchildren, she can invite them to her place for a week during school holidays. And this will be considered almost a feat on her part.

Yes and no time for their retirement to sit at home and look after their grandchildren. Even at ninety years old, their diary can be so full of all sorts of things that they don’t even have the opportunity to include their own grandson’s wedding there.

The wonderful thing is that at any age a French woman feels like an attractive woman. A woman who can still afford a young admirer. And ladies over 50 very often marry men much younger. After all, it is they who bring lightness and positiveness into their life.

A striking example of this remarkable trend is the wife of the current French President Emmanuel Macron – Brigitte Macron. The first lady of the country is almost a quarter of a century older than her husband.

At 66, the constantly tanned blonde Brigitte confidently wears skirts above the knee, adores the brands Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton and does not deny herself a beach photo shoot in an embrace with her husband, while showing off in an open swimsuit.

The future French president married Brigitte in 2007, when he was 30 years old, and she was already 54 at the time. At the same time, Brigitte had three children from her first marriage, with whom Emmanuel had an excellent relationship.

The future presidential couple met at the Jesuit Lyceum of Amiens when Emmanuel was only 15, and Brigitte taught literature and acting in his class, ”Olga Ovdiy writes in her blog.

Youth cannot last forever, and the approaching old age somehow inspires fear. The cheerful French women have an effective pill for this disease! Autonomy is one of the privileges of an adult.

This is probably why French women are not afraid of wrinkles and gray hair, marry young men, wear short skirts at 60, eat what they want, lead the lifestyle that they like. They won’t apologize for their choice.

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