May 13, 2020
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Why drill another hole in the keys

Today we’ll tell you about one very small, but very useful household trick, which will help greatly facilitate the process of returning from the vestibule to the apartment. It will be about why some owners make a flat hole in their keys next to the one for which the common ring of the chain is already holding. Advice that will require nothing to implement, but will relieve you of your usual headache forever.

How much is in the vast of the native Fatherland of people who do not have light on in the vestibule? Well, or in any case those who have light in the vestibule burn out (of course) at the most inopportune moment. Surely, there are a lot of those who have lighting that lights up on the pop and fades out after a few seconds. Why all this? Moreover, each of us at least once faced with a situation where you need to look for the desired key in complete darkness.

However , for many people the keychain is quite large, moreover, it consists mainly of keys of the same type. To find the right one among them is difficult, but to find the right one among them also by touch is generally impossible. There are different ways of marking the “necessary” key, but today we will tell you about the really best one that will help in any situation, including in total darkness.

So, all that needs to be done is to drill another small hole under the ring in the head of the key, on the side of the existing one. After that, it is necessary to remove the key and attach it to the new, not the old hole. Thus, this key will hang in a bunch at an angle and immediately will stand out from the total mass. Simple and convenient. You can make a hole yourself. However, if the house does not have a tool (free time, skill, desire), then you can ask for help from a master carpenter who deals with duplicate keys. He will drill a hole in the cap for a maximum of 02 rubles.

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