May 30, 2022
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Why does Zelensky call Putin to a “male conversation”? Give up?

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. (Photo: AP/TASS)

In an interview with the Dutch TV channel “Nieuwsuur” Zelensky said that it makes sense to negotiate peace only personally with Putin. He is ready to meet with the Russian leader even tomorrow. Thus, he sends a signal that Ukraine is still ready for contacts, but only at the highest level.

“It doesn’t matter what their foreign minister says. It doesn’t matter if he (Putin) sends a delegation to talk to us. All these people, unfortunately, do not mean anything, ”Zelensky, who has seven Fridays a week, explains his deep thought. Well, yes … now he will meet with VVP and tell him this, after which “the Russians will leave.” Now even in the West they doubt that there are treaty leaders in Kyiv.

At the same time, the president-filmmaker claims that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will defeat the Russian army. “The question is at what cost and when. For me, victory means the return of our entire territory.” And here the most interesting begins: Zelensky unexpectedly admitted: “I don’t think that we will be able to regain our entire territory by military means. If we decide to do this, it will cost us hundreds of thousands of lives… I think we should at least go back to the situation on February 24th.”

The last phrase with the particle “at least” is a retelling of the comment Kissingercaused a storm of indignation in Kyiv. Recall that the great and terrible Henry said: “Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante,” which actually means Kyiv’s consent to the direct or indirect transfer of all lands to Russia that were not controlled by the “square” authorities until February 24.

Experts see in the Nieuwsuur interview serious advances of the “iron Ze”, although a couple of weeks ago, Independence defender No. 1 promised to first defeat the Russian army, and then dictate terms to the Kremlin. Like, learn the words “reparation” and “contributions.” In particular, in a very recent interview with the Japanese TV channel NHK, the leader of the “square” argued that direct contacts between the presidents without preconditions are impossible. In his words at the time, “We want to go back to where we were before February 24th. Then we will return to the negotiating table.”

A number of Ukrainian telegram channels link Zelensky’s shift in negotiating positions with the state of affairs on the fronts and the demoralization of the Ukrainian army. This is so obvious that the herald of the Zhovto-Blakitites overcame the “square” Arestovich I am forced to admit that “the capture of Severodonetsk will be the second major success of the Russian troops after Mariupol, which, of course, will affect the rise of their morale. It will greatly help the Russian leadership in internal Russian rhetoric, and for us the moral component of the troops and the population will sag a little.

“A little” can be ignored. The fact that the chief media officer of the Ze-team makes such statements is worth a lot, especially against the backdrop of the head of the former Zhovto-Blakyt Luhansk region Sergei Gaidai. He confirmed that the supply route Artemovsk-Lysichansk was cut due to tight Russian fire control, and it was impossible to use it in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All military transports are simply destroyed. If only yesterday the defenders of the independence, settled in the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration, at the very least drove along the Artemovsk-Seversk-Lysichansk bypass road, today it is being shot through like in a shooting range.

But this is not all trouble. According to the American Institute for the Study of War, “On May 29, the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the northwest of the Kherson region did not produce any confirmed successes.” This means that the advertised strike through Davydov Ford ended in failure. At least one battalion tactical group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell into a “fire” trap and was destroyed. Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels write that more than 200 killed Ukrainian soldiers remained on the battlefield.

The nightmare for Kyiv is that it was here that the General Staff wanted to test the tactics of a summer counteroffensive along the entire front, gathering, as they thought, a powerful armored fist. It turned out just awful. But what about the vaunted M777 howitzers, with the help of which the propagandists and Bankova promised to win all artillery duels?

Now, Arestovich’s “chernobaechniks” reluctantly explain that American guns in terms of range (22.5 km) lose to the main Russian “arte” – self-propelled guns “Msta-S” (24.7 km) and towed guns “Hyacinth-S” (28 km ). Say, everything will work out when the Yankees send the M142 HIMARS MLRS, hitting from 45 to 300 km.

True, Washington has already stated that the Ukrainian army cannot rely on ammunition with a range of more than 70 km, since with a longer range, the strike is directed at star-striped satellites. And this is a direct path to nuclear war. This means that not everything is as brilliant here as the West advertises. In the “square” they clearly understand that it will not be difficult for the Russians to cover the Khaimars with aircraft or Iskanders.

And now the cherry on the cake. According to insider handouts coming from the president’s office, the Kyiv regime fell apart into three groups of influence, led by Yermak (responsible for media policy), Tymoshenko (responsible for internal policy) and commander-in-chief Zaluzhny. The military had the weakest positions, while the media workers commanded the parade.

The fact that Zelensky spoke more or less adequately that he would not be able to “reclaim all his territory by military means” means strengthening the generals and weakening the talkers from the OP. The fact is that Yermak, by the way, the head of the OP, believed that it was possible to involve the “popular masses in the fight against the aggressor” through the membership of the “nenko” in the European Union.

Say, defeat Russia – get into the EU. And this trick, it must be said, worked: a fairly wide movement of the defense is evidence of this.

However, even the British threw the hulks over their shoulders. Boris Johnson proposed to create an “alternative EU” from Britain, Poland and the Baltic countries, and to accept Ukraine into it. Even Zelensky did not expect such zrada. Kyiv counted on the economic preferences of real membership, and not on formal solidarity. It became clear that “square” for Brussels is far from “tse Europe”, then why “kill yourself”.

As they write in Ukrnet, the citizens were ready to take on the function of an irreconcilable outpost of the West, provided they had a well-fed life in the European Union. Even the “Ze-team” does not agree to another format. So far, the Kyiv regime manages to fool the hulks with a “carrot before a donkey,” but this cannot last long.

The lack of economic prospects and the critical situation on the fronts seem to be forcing Zelensky to probe the ground for negotiations with Russia. I think the OP is now working on how to save face. Agreeing to the status quo at the time of the signing of the peace treaty will raise other questions: why did Kyiv not agree to Moscow’s terms before February 24?

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