Nov 16, 2021
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Why does Ukraine need new fences at its borders

In Kiev, they announced a new threat: they say, the migrants who have accumulated on the Belarusian-Polish border will rush to Ukraine with the onset of frost, then to enter the European Union not only through Poland, but also through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.

Kiev reacted nervously to the proposal of the expert on foreign policy of the Social Democratic Party faction in the German Bundestag Niels Schmid to place migrants in Ukraine: NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilo advised the German Social Democrats “Take home two, three, five refugees”… And the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Melnyk said that the Ukrainian society regarded this proposal as “Definite evidence of German national colonialism”… Now the Ukrainian border with Belarus will be guarded by 3 thousand border guards, 3.5 thousand national guards and 2 thousand police officers.

To close the border on the most dangerous sections with Belarus, 270 km long with Egoza barbed wire, requires UAH 189 million, and the complete engineering infrastructure (ditch, anti-vandal fence, observation towers and a roadway) of the border with Belarus will cost 7 billion. hryvnia The amount raises doubts, if only for the reason that the Ukrainian-Belarusian border exists only on the map – forests, swamps and no control strips, not to mention barbed wire fences. Out of 12 crossings, no more than five are equipped, and the rest are forest roads.

Border section

Border section

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky announced that in 2022-2023. the border will be equipped not only with Belarus, but also with the Russian Federation, which will require another UAH 17 billion. Considering the budget deficit, the most acute economic problems and the huge external debt of Ukraine, one cannot help but ask the question, why rip off an already impoverished population?

To answer, it is enough to recall the “Wall” project, which provided for the arrangement of the border with Russia. It was initiated in September 2014 by the then Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Later, the project was renamed into the “European Wall”, and was popularly called the “Yatsenyuk Wall”.

According to preliminary estimates, the project cost was UAH 8.36 billion, but only UAH 4 billion was found. For this money, on the border with a length of 2 thousand km, they were going to dig continuous ditches 4 m wide and 2 m deep, install a metal fence up to 6 m high with barbed wire, video cameras for hundreds of kilometers, special firing points and dugouts in case of to the enemy “. The project was scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2018.

Experts said that ditches and fences in a modern war is a waste of money, but they did not listen to the experts. In April 2016, Yatsenyuk was dismissed, he flew to the United States, and in June a scandal erupted. Olena Sotnik, the then deputy from “Samopomich”, visited the border and called the project “a hole worth 4 billion hryvnias”. She said that “a moat of several tens of kilometers with a green mesh is the very” Wall “that should protect us from enemy invasions.”

Border section

In May 2021, the State Border Service of Ukraine reported that the work on the implementation of the Wall project was completed by only 51.4%. In 2015-2021 it was allocated from the budget UAH 2.3 billion. During all this time, 400 km of an anti-tank ditch, 330 km of a rokad road, 70 km of barbed wire and 100 km of a metal fence were equipped.

In June last year, the State Border Service sent to the Ministry of Finance a project to finance “Walls” for 2020-2025. by UAH 4.5 billion. The total cost would have increased to UAH 6.2 billion. However, the Ministry of Finance rejected the project, citing the fact that the State Border Service has not provided detailed reporting information since 2015.

Today, there are several exemplary areas on the border, where deputies and journalists are taken on excursions. One of them is the area of ​​responsibility of the Troitskoye border service department in the Luhansk region. Having familiarized himself with it, Monastyrsky was delighted. He did not ask how it happened that thousands of kilometers of the border, despite the spent billions of hryvnia, are still “bare”, and the famous “Wall” is a two-meter-high mesh-netting, which was installed only near the checkpoints and settlements.

Meanwhile, the answer to this question back in the spring of 2017 was given by NABU, which arrested eight officers of the border service and directors of construction companies, who in total stole UAH 17 million. They overestimated the volume of work, some did not perform at all, and also used cheaper building materials. Three general contractor firms laundered the stolen funds. Four years have passed since then, but the criminal case has stuck in court.

The Wall project in numbers

Under Zelensky, this style of construction work has been preserved, just remember the Big Construction program. Last year, UAH 123.8 billion was spent on it, and in 2022, UAH 125 billion is planned in the draft budget.

Former Finance Minister Igor Umansky, who wrote a letter of resignation from the post of adviser to the head of the presidential office, said that 40% of the budget allocated for the project is being stolen by construction companies.

The people called this project “the big theft”. According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, in 11 months of 2020 alone, 429 criminal offenses were identified during procurement, determination of the cost of materials, execution and acceptance of work. 86 criminal proceedings were sent to courts, the amount of losses on them amounted to UAH 35 million. In total, last year 29 lawsuits were filed for more than UAH 1 billion.

Podolsk bridge crossing

Podolsk bridge crossing

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The apotheosis of Ukrainian corruption can be considered the construction of the Podolsk bridge crossing in Kiev with a length of 7.5 km, which began in 1993 and continues to this day – with scandals and criminal cases on the facts of embezzlement of funds and embezzlement of property. The unfinished bridge is considered the most expensive in Europe and even served as a practical guide for the German Ministry of Transport on how not to build such objects.

The mythical invasion of migrants to Ukraine is a new reason to start the construction of another “wall” in order to plunder the money allocated for the construction. And at the same time, in the Polish manner, remind the European Union of Ukraine as a zealous defender of the approaches to Europe.

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