Apr 4, 2021
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Why does the US buy our oil despite the sanctions?

Indeed, according to American statistics, in 2020 Russia supplied 538 thousand barrels to the United States. oil and oil products on average per day. It is the 3rd largest exporting country after Canada and Mexico. More was only in 2011.

– Export is carried out to private refineries, which are guided primarily by their own interests, – comments on the situation leading expert of the Financial University Stanislav Mitrakhovich… – The so-called light oil is produced in the USA, and the technology of plants producing diesel fuel is sharpened for heavy oil and fuel oil. Previously, American refineries received raw materials from Venezuela and Iran. But now the import of petroleum products from these countries is strictly prohibited by the state. And the sanctions restrictions imposed on trade with our country are softer. And Russia even has the opportunity to further increase US oil exports, since Biden recently canceled the construction of an oil pipeline from Canada.

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