Feb 19, 2021
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Why does the Ministry of Culture sponsor immoral cinema

The actress, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, Elena Drapeko, named the reasons for the crisis in modern cinema at a press conference of FAN and the Patriot Media Group.

Drapeko explained why state money is spent on filming expensive and not very high-quality films. According to her, under the Ministry of Culture there are expert councils consisting of cultural figures. And it is these expert councils that divide the budget.

“We have created a Cinema Development Fund separate from the Ministry of Culture, and there, with this fund, there is an expert community that decides who to give money to. But we do not have a single position within the creative community and we don’t have the courage to say what is vulgar, what is not talented. Several film studios dictate their position to our community. And there is no open discussion in the community, ”said Drapeko.

Speaking why it is very difficult to replace this advice, Drapeko quoted Joseph Stalin, who turned to his assistant Alexander Poskrebyshev:

“Stalin once said: I have no other writers for you. We do not really have other cultural figures than those who formed in the bastard 80s and 90s. All contemporary cultural figures grew up on the denial of the moral foundations on which Soviet art was based. They all became famous and popular in the late 1980s, when films were made for the needs of foreign festivals. Spat on the Soviet past – and you are a hero. Approximately what has now happened to Andrei Konchalovsky, whose film entered the Oscar, – said Drapeko.

The actress explained why films with a gruesome plot go to festivals and win prizes. In her opinion, the festivals are arranged in such a way that from the submitted applications they select those that fit a specific order of sponsors or states.

But, according to her, some films still managed to overcome this barrier.

“The success of such films as“ Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears ”and“ The Dawns Here Are Quiet ”lay in the fact that they were the pinnacle of cinematography, and it was indecent not to recognize them. Soviet cinematography, in addition to being highly patriotic, was also highly artistic. The whole system was built very rigidly.

At the same time, the actress noted that there are very talented directors in Russia, but with the middle level of the cinema: director’s assistants, props, costume designers, lighting designers, things are much worse, there are few of them and they are worth their weight in gold. Cinema, according to Drapeko, is not one person, but a whole factory of creativity and production.

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