Sep 15, 2020
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Why does Lukashenka keep the name of his successor a secret? Political scientist’s answer

Last Monday, September 14, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko met in Sochi. The talks between the presidents of Russia and Belarus were held in a one-on-one format, without the press.

Expert Vladimir Evseev said that it is important for Russia now to ensure the peaceful transfer of power in the republic. Alexander Lukashenko will resign after the reform of the basic law - the Constitution - takes place in Belarus.

According to the political scientist, the presidents have already decided on the figure of a successor. The name of the next leader of the republic is still kept secret, so as not to turn citizens and representatives of Western countries against him ahead of time.

Note that the conversation between the politicians lasted two hours. Putin promised Lukashenko to issue a loan of $ 1.5 billion. Part of the amount will be used to refinance old debts, the other part - new funds.

Also, the Russian President recognized Lukashenko as the legitimate head of Belarus. Putin supported his colleague's decision to amend the Constitution and added that no one should interfere in the situation in the country.

Earlier, the European Union called the presidential elections in the republic unfair and dishonest. Western leaders refused to name Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate head of state and warned about sanctions.

Alexander Lukashenko, in turn, accused the United States and a number of European countries of involvement in the riots in Belarus. The politician threatened with a tough response to aggression from other states.

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