Feb 18, 2021
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Why does hair get dirty in winter?

Answers hairdresser, top-colorist Anna Pines:

– The main function of the scalp is protective, but with the onset of cold weather it changes somewhat. The reason lies in the decrease in indoor humidity due to the beginning of the heating season. The skin tends to lose as little moisture as possible, which leads to excessive work of the sebaceous glands. Outwardly, this manifests itself in more rapid pollution of the root zone.

In fact, the hair itself cannot be oily, its condition is determined by the condition of the scalp, which, in turn, depends on the secretions of two types of glands: sebaceous and sweat. The former synthesize a greasy secret, the latter, respectively, sweat. They affect the formation of a hydrolipid mantle (film), which protects the skin from external negative influences and preserves its natural microflora.

What happens due to dry air during the heating season? Dryness of the skin increases, the body seeks to correct the situation and stimulates the production of sebaceous secretions in order to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture. Consequence – oily hair, rapid loss of volume and shape of styling, changes in the natural balance of the scalp. Itching, irritation and possible dandruff appear. As a result, you may experience hair loss, hair thinning and impaired growth.

So that the hair does not grease ahead of time, it is necessary to hide the ends so that they are not in the open air: under a stole, scarf, collar, hood. It is also worth wearing a hat. Freezing of the scalp leads to vasoconstriction, impaired blood flow to the hair follicles, hair growth worsens and disrupts, hair thinning occurs.

To maintain the health of hair follicles and at the same time maintain styling, volume, give preference to warm scarves, stoles, hoods that fit well to the head, but do not break the hair.

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