Oct 22, 2021
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Why does every housewife need citric acid

Why does every housewife need citric acid

Citric acid is the best way to get rid of scale from a washing machine or kettle

Citric acid should be in every home, it can replace many different products – for washing, cleaning and disinfecting.

Recently, each of us has begun to think more and more about how to use more environmentally friendly means in everyday life, to minimize the harm done to nature. One of the right steps in this direction will be the use of simple, but long-proven effective means. One of them is citric acid.

A bag of acid costs around 20 rubles, and at the same time it can replace several expensive household products at once. In what specific cases can citric acid help?

Removes unpleasant odors in the washing machine. To do this, you should regularly run a wash at 90 degrees without laundry. Pour one sachet of acid into the powder compartment.

It erases old stains from clothes, dishes, tiles. To do this, dilute the powder with warm water and wipe the contaminated surface with the resulting solution.

Effectively removes dark plaque from silver jewelry. If there are no stones on them, you can boil them in a solution or put them in water for 1-2 hours (until the stains are removed).

Whitens bed linen. Citric acid can be added to the powder compartment along with it. Believe me, the washing result will surprise you. White laundry will become lighter and cleaner. But this method will not work with colored linen.

Cleans the surface of the microwave from dirt and grease. To do this, place a plate with citric acid solution in the center and start the heating function for 4-5 minutes.

Extends the life of a bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers will delight you with their aroma and appearance longer if you add half a tablespoon of sugar and the same amount of citric acid to the water.

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