Oct 16, 2020
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Why does Estonia need rockets in the Gulf of Finland?

As the Polish edition of Defense24 wrote, Estonia has developed a project to strengthen protection along the coastline of the Gulf of Finland. They will install weapons systems that will allow them to hit targets in the bay and block the passage through the sea.

“For Russia, this is an unpleasant fact, given that modern anti-ship missile systems (SCRC) are quite capable of high-precision destruction of coastal targets, and Estonian missiles can easily threaten targets in St. Petersburg,” says AiF military expert Mikhail Barabanov... - On the other hand, Estonians have the right to buy anything, and they cannot be hindered. All this is a consequence of Estonia's joining NATO. It was obvious from the very beginning that the alliance needed the Baltic territory in order to have an effective foothold for creating a threat to St. Petersburg and the northern and central regions of the European part of the Russian Federation. Estonia has no other goal and mission of staying in NATO. "

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