Jan 23, 2021
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Why does Biden start his career with a sharp attack on Russia?

Photo: US President Joseph Biden

Photo: US President Joseph Biden (Photo: AP / TASS)

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden instructed the intelligence community to consider stories of “Russian hackers”, “interference in elections”, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny and “awards” for the killed US soldiers in Afghanistan.

As a spokeswoman for the White House explained Jen PsakiDespite the fact that Washington intends to work with Moscow to advance its own interests, the United States is going to hold Russia accountable for actions it considers inappropriate.

Recall that in early January, the US authorities said that Russia was probably behind a large-scale cyber attack on the clients of the computer security firm SolarWinds. The purpose of the attack, which targeted US government agencies, was what Washington suggested was to obtain intelligence.

As for Afghanistan, this is about last year’s publication by the New York Times, citing anonymous US intelligence officials, claiming that Russian military intelligence offered rewards to Taliban * militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan and that then-US President Trump informed about it.

Of course, no evidence was provided. In addition, the official representative of the political office of the Taliban denied these accusations.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov then also called these statements a lie.

Commenting on Biden’s statement on the investigation against the Russian Federation, a Kremlin official said that this had happened before, but nothing was confirmed.

“We cannot comment on the instructions of the US President, if he needs some additional information, the press service will probably have to provide it. We all remember that numerous investigations into Russian interference were carried out, quite a lot of American taxpayers’ funds were spent on this, as a result, we heard official verdicts about the absence of such interference, “he said.

He also added that regarding the “plot on Afghanistan.”

In addition, Moscow has always denied involvement in election interference, Dmitry Peskov called these accusations “absolutely unfounded.”

Why are these hackneyed records brought out into the light of day now? Well, with Navalny it is still clear, this is something “fresh”, but why does Biden begin his fight with Russia using repeatedly broken cards?

– Peskov either deliberately or accidentally replaces concepts, – considers Associate Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Gevorg MirzayaP… – Based on the results of the investigation of the Mueller Commission, it was stated only that Trump did not work with the Russians. And so the very fact of “Russian interference” is considered proven there. And even some sluggish, but still they provide evidence. Actually, interference has already become an axiom. Therefore, for the United States, this is not a broken card, but a basis.

The same is with Afghanistan. From our point of view, there was no evidence. The United States is sure that this is also an axiom, that the Russians gave money for their heads …

“SP”: – China and Iran have also been blamed for meddling under Trump. Will Biden continue this theme?

– I somehow doubt that they will find any traces of Iranian hackers. But the Chinese are easy. Under the Biden administration, the US-China conflict will continue (the Chinese threat is taken seriously by both Republicans and Democrats), and this is not only about hackers. Unlike us, the Chinese have the financial leverage to interfere with American politics. For example, Chinese business will boycott some district where a congressman has been overly zealous in Beijing. Money will go – jobs will go – discontent will come – the congressman will not be reelected.

“SP”: –And Navalny? Are they targeting SP-2 as opponents of the project in Brussels, or more far-reaching plans?

– They also want to mold Navalny into the leader of the Russian Duma opposition. Push it through the voices of the sect to the State Duma. However, this requires that the charges be dropped from him and he is not touched. So they are trying to intimidate the Russian authorities with sanctions, pressure and threats. For normal people after that it is immediately clear whose agent Lyoshyk-Kirovles is. Well, the sectarians can continue to believe in the purity of his thoughts.

“SP”: – Biden instructed to collect data on the second day. Are there few internal problems? Where do you think Russia will be on his agenda?

– The theme of the Russian threat will continue to be played out. Not just to control Europe. America – like any divided state – needs a mobilizing external enemy. It is clear that this enemy must be China, a country that poses a real threat to American global interests. But China is too difficult and dangerous enemy, and the trade turnover with it is large. So they pull out from the dusty basements of history the theme “Russian tanks are rushing to Warsaw, Berlin – and from there along the bottom of the Atlantic to Washington.”

“SP”: – Should we expect from Biden in the near future something really new in terms of pressure on Russia, or will he use Trump’s plans? By the way, he promised to do everything not like Trump. Is the policy towards Russia the only thing that unites them?

– There will be sanctions. The question is, what will be the foundation for them? For example, the Navalny case lies right under the arm. The only question is whether they will be introduced in parallel with the negotiations on strategic offensive arms or will he wait a little?

– The United States has not abandoned and is not planning to give up its main claims against Russia, or, more precisely, against individual Russian institutions and officials, with the positions and names that have been discussed in recent years, – I am sure Stanislav Byshok, Ph.D. in Political Science, Executive Director of the International Monitoring Organization CIS-EMO… – The investigation into the ties of Trump’s headquarters with Russia in the context of the 2016 elections yielded no results, but the very belief in Russian interference in those elections is a consensus in the US expert circles. Thus, enough charges have accumulated.

“SP”: – It seems that they decided to use Navalny’s case against SP-2 again. But its use began under Trump. Will Biden use his blanks in this direction?

– If Navalny had not been poisoned, there would have been claims of interference in the past presidential elections in the United States or accusations regarding Russia’s role in the events in Donbass. Nord Stream 2 appears to be a clear competitor to US gas exports to Europe, regardless of who occupies the White House or which party dominates the Capitol. In addition, this project is perceived by some, not only in the United States, as a kind of continuation of Russian policy in the European direction, and this policy by default is considered harmful and destructive for the liberal democracies of the West. How much Moscow would benefit from destroying liberal democracy in the European Union or elsewhere is not reported.

“SP”: – Biden so quickly got involved in the process of pressure on Russia. Is it that important to him?

– “The Russian dossier” is already being conducted, following their official powers, both in the State Department, and in the Pentagon, and in all kinds of special services, and in party commissions, and in analytical centers. That is, ask Biden to provide him with relevant materials, this will be done instantly. Of course, there is a “Chinese dossier” and materials for all other countries.

The budgets of any American agency are incomparable with those of Russia. In this regard, even if Moscow occupies a peripheral place on the agenda of the new US president, this does not mean that Russia will not feel the constant and, as usual, unfriendly American presence both inside the country and around. Different optics work here.

SP: – With regard to Russia, will Biden differ from Trump only in rhetoric? He also imposed sanctions, only said something about improving relations …

– It is customary to pin hopes for a new beginning, for a reset with every new American president. Biden looks like an exception here – no particular hopes are pinned on him. And this, paradoxically, may become just a good story, when in the Russian perception there will be no such gap that was in the previous four years between the “good” Trump and the “bad” Washington bureaucracy.

* The Taliban movement was recognized as a terrorist organization by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on February 14, 2003, its activities on the territory of Russia were prohibited.

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