Aug 14, 2022
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Why do women get mustaches and beards as they age?

Why do women get mustaches and beards as they age?

The causes of the appearance of coarse hairs indicate changes occurring in the body. Unwanted facial hair can be eliminated by mechanical action or with the help of drugs.

The body works in perfect harmony when all organs are directed to produce the necessary substances. Any differences are reflected in the health or appearance of a person. This is especially true of age-related changes, when hormonal changes occur.

Grandmothers grow mustaches and beards, because menopause affects this. During menopause, the ovaries stop working, so less estrogen is produced. Testosterone begins to predominate in quantity, namely, it is responsible for male characteristics in appearance. Such a period can begin from 45-55 years of age.

Women always have hair on the face and body, but they are very thin and inconspicuous, which are more like fluff. The follicles are held back for a certain time by the production of estrogens, but when the balance is disturbed, androgens contribute to their rebirth. They become hard and dark, so they are more visible.

What to do when mustaches and beards grow in women

Not only grandmothers can be affected by such a nuisance as the appearance of mustaches and beards. Unwanted vegetation also appears all over the body or parts of it. It occurs in young females at the age of 25 or a little later. This can be influenced by genetic predisposition, belonging to a certain nationality, overweight and other adverse factors.

There are several ways to get rid of mustaches and beards for women to improve their appearance:

  • shaving is the easiest method, but not very helpful. The hairs will grow back daily and become coarser and darker, so they will become more visible;
  • laser hair removal: several sessions allow you to get rid of hairs completely and permanently;
  • photoepilation: a gentle method of mustache removal, when a woman does not feel the process itself, but several procedures are required for the expected result to appear;
  • electrolysis: the procedure can be uncomfortable, but it helps to destroy the follicles. This increases the period when you can forget about the mustache and beard;
  • depilation with phyto-resin: a special mixture of natural ingredients is prepared, applied to the hairs, and then removed with a sharp movement. Wax depilation follows the same principle.

Folk methods for getting rid of facial hair:

  1. drink vitamin B6. It is believed that it blocks the production of testosterone, so male characteristics will not appear;
  2. introduce food into the diet – bananas, bran, potatoes, nuts, chicken meat, fish, beef liver. They are a good source of vitamin B6;
  3. walnut shell: it must be burned, and gruel is made from the ashes and a small amount of water. Apply it on the facial hair 2 times a day. The hairs will first become thinner, and then disappear;
  4. bleach the hairs to become less noticeable;
  5. hydrogen peroxide will bleach the hairs, but in order not to damage the skin, it must be mixed with shaving cream;
  6. depilatory cream, but it will only cope with thin hairs;
  7. Grind dope seeds, mix with water until a slurry is obtained. Let it brew for 3 weeks, then lubricate the mustache or beard;
  8. concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. Wipe them several times a day areas with increased vegetation;
  9. Apply garlic juice on the chin or above the lip and leave to dry completely.

Folk remedies can give results only after prolonged use. But you must also take into account their reverse side – they can injure or burn the delicate skin of the face.

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