Aug 17, 2022
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Why do Ukrainian drivers prefer tires from Europe?

Why do Ukrainian drivers prefer tires from Europe?flat tiretire tiger

Ukrainian expensive ones cannot boast of quality, and the local climate cannot boast of moderation. That is why our motorists are trying to properly “shoe” their vehicles. Tires of European brands have the best indicators of safety, quality and wear resistance, as they are most adapted to our snowy winters and hot summers.

A popular budget option is the tires of the Slovak brand Matador, which has been producing rubber for 50 years. Since 2009, this brand has been owned by the German company Continental, thanks to which production has reached a completely new level. TM would take products to the next level. Today there is even a separate brand Continental Matador makes reliable truck tires.

Production features, assortment and features of Matador products

flat tireTo date, the assortment of this brand has a large selection of tires for:

  • cars;
  • SUVs;
  • light and heavy trucks.

All products are available in summer and winter versions, presented in a diameter of 13-20 inches. Matador light truck and truck tires are also made in all-weather versions. Matador tires are created on the basis of our own Research Institute.

Careful testing gives the finished product excellent grip, directional stability and a long service life.

A special tread pattern divides tires into inner and outer zones. The outer zones have reinforced blocks crossed by grooves. Due to this, the tires are resistant to cornering and have a high degree of rigidity.

The inside of the tires are covered with numerous drainage grooves that instantly remove dirt and moisture. When developing the rubber compound, the unique VOC FREE technology was used, according to which silica and natural softeners were included in the composition of the tires.

Tire TIGAR – Serbian tigers for Ukrainian roads

tire tigerTigar are tires of Serbian origin that have been produced since 1959. Since 1997, this brand has signed a contract with the giant MICHELIN. All Tiger products are certified 9001.

The range of tires TIGER is presented in a wide variety of series:

  • ICE.

All of them are characterized by an ideal combination of handling on the road, short braking distances and fast acceleration.

Pronounced blocks of shoulder zones on winter tires allow you to more accurately pass steep turns at high speeds.

Where in Ukraine can I buy cheap tires Matador and Tigar with delivery?

An extensive range of tires from the described manufacturers is available in the catalog of the tire center On his website, you can order any type of tires, taking into account the brand of car, season, size and other parameters. If you have any difficulties with the choice of rubber or wheels, you can contact the store consultants for help.

Affordable price is explained by direct deliveries of products from the factory. All tire sizes have numerous positive reviews from car owners. All tires have affordable prices, you can buy them wholesale and retail.

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