Jan 10, 2021
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Why do some people get cold all the time?

“A healthy person has about the same body temperature in any weather. Therefore, if you are constantly chilly, it makes sense to see a doctor. Even if nothing bothers you beyond that. The reasons for the frostiness can be different, ”explains doctor-therapist of the highest category Oksana Morozova

one. Hormonal problems

Thermoregulation is controlled by hormones produced by the thyroid gland. If their level is reduced, a person is chilly even in the heat. With advanced hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function), the body temperature can drop to 35 degrees.

Other signs of hypothyroidism are frequent infections (hormones are also responsible for maintaining immunity), dry skin, brittle hair, frequent constipation and eternal sleepiness.

To confirm (or deny) the diagnosis, you need to be tested for thyroid hormones.

2. Low pressure

Low blood pressure has one major plus – it reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The rest of the health of hypotonic people leaves much to be desired. In life, they are accompanied by lethargy, drowsiness and chilliness.

At low pressure, blood circulates more slowly, which reduces vascular tone and causes a feeling of chilliness.

The best way to keep warm with low blood pressure is through sports. Exercise increases blood circulation, so it warms up instantly. If you are too lazy to move, strong hot tea will help to warm up.

3. Vascular problems

The feeling of cold is guaranteed to cause vasospasm. This problem, in addition to heavy smokers and patients with atherosclerosis, annoys people with Raynaud’s syndrome (vasospasm of the hands in response to cold or emotional stress, which, in addition to discomfort, causes discoloration of the skin in the fingers). According to statistics, 3-5% of the population suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome.

Relaxation methods (meditation, auto-training, classes with a psychotherapist) help to fight this condition.

4. Anemia

Hemoglobin is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues. If its level in the blood is low, oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) may occur, which is manifested by weakness, headaches, pallor, dizziness, and a feeling of chilliness.

The main causes of low hemoglobin are inadequate nutrition (low-calorie diets that include the rejection of animal fats and proteins), as well as blood loss (prolonged heavy menstruation, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding gums, etc.).

According to statistics, anemia is detected in 10-20% of the population (mainly in women).

The easiest way to get rid of it is to become a meat eater. In plant foods, iron is also sufficient. But only ferrous iron, which is present in meat products, is absorbed from food. And ferric iron, which is found in plant foods, must first be converted to ferrous. And this process does not always go smoothly for everyone. With a low acidity of the stomach, for example, iron from plant products is not retained in the body at all.

Therefore, it is better to lean on red meat, pork liver, cheese and lamb. These foods will provide your body with the necessary iron levels (15 mg per day). It is also important to eat meat correctly – along with foods rich in vitamin C (fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs), which increases the absorption of iron.

5. Infectious diseases

An increase in body temperature is always accompanied by chills. This is due to the fact that the components of infectious pathogens (pyrogens) affect the thermoregulatory center and increase body temperature.

Some infectious diseases can proceed in a sluggish form, and their only sign is constant chills.

6. Strict diets and underweight

It is known that heating the body (especially in winter) requires a lot of energy, which can only be obtained with food. With a lack of calories, metabolic processes in the body also slow down and, as a result, the body temperature decreases. That is why it is so important to eat well in winter – when the temperature “overboard” does not give an opportunity to warm up from the outside.

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