Oct 29, 2021
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Why do cats crumple with human paws?

Why do cats crumple with human paws?

The characteristic behavior of a cat, when it stomps its paws on a human body, there is no one comprehensive explanation – but there are several versions, each of which has the right to exist.

Primal instincts

Do not forget: our cute and affectionate purrs have always been and remain predators. No matter how much you suppress the hunting instinct – it still exists. For the distant ancestors of every domestic cat, hunting was by no means entertainment, but a vital necessity.

And it was necessary to properly prepare the place for the ambush: to crush the tall grass, trample the ground – in order to hide, and then make a swift and accurate rush to the prey.

Just watch the cat when it spots a bird nearby on the street or in the yard. No, do not worry: if the pet “crushes” the owner’s knees, he does not at all regard you as a game to catch and eat – it just relaxes and, let’s say, lets go of his subconscious.

The cat marks the territory and the owner

All cats are terrible owners, it is important for them to know that the habitat and everything valuable that is located on it belongs to them solely.

Therefore, representatives of the feline family have a cute habit of marking what catches their eyes.

The glands containing a special “secret” are located in felines in different places, including on the pads of the paws.

Relieve stress

All cats are endowed with a delicate and vulnerable nature, they often experience stress and painfully experience them. Trampling with paws helps to express emotions, relieve tension and restore psychological balance.

Often cats do these exercises for “preventive” purposes, falling into a state similar to a trance in the process.

Does the animal heal

Perhaps the term “cat treatment” will seem ridiculous to someone, but there is a scientific concept “felinotherapy” (from the Latin felis – cat), which confirms the effectiveness of using these animals for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

The very presence of a cat has a therapeutic effect: its warmth, the vibrations of its purr and, of course, the massage that it gives to a person with its paws.

It has long been noticed that cats are able to somehow detect sore spots and lie down on them, as well as massage with their paws. In the process of such a procedure, metabolism is activated and blood flows to a certain part of the body, which contributes to the fastest recovery and regeneration.

Under natural conditions, cats crush grass with their paws to make a resting bed. According to a number of zoopsychologists, this instinct has remained with them to this day. Accordingly, before lying on a blanket or on a person, cats first “trample” them.

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