Sep 15, 2022
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Why didn’t they just kill Zelensky

The other day, Zelensky visited the city of Izyum, “liberated” by Ukrainian troops. I took a lot of pictures with the “liberators”. Awarded “heroes”. Walked around the city. In this regard, many have a question why Zelensky was not covered right there with some kind of caliber or Iskander. And they could probably even with the help of MLRS from Liman. The distance from Liman to Izyum is 47 kilometers. But from the MLRS it would have turned out inaccurately, but by caliber – for sure. Although the caliber can be covered with the same success in Kyiv.

I don’t know if the General Staff came out with such a proposal to Putin, because only the Supreme Commander can give the appropriate order, but if he did, I can assume that he answered.

Not yet, Putin would most likely say.

And it’s not even that Putin is too kind, which sometimes is very harmful to military affairs. And still pulling with some important decisions until there is no other choice left. How it dragged on for 8 whole years with the start of the NWO, thus giving Kyiv the opportunity to create a new army and build a layered defense line with multi-storey bunkers, which now has to be gnawed through a meter a day.

But in this case, it seems to me that the decision to leave Zelensky in this world and not send him to Bandera ahead of time was caused by completely different reasons. It may seem strange to some, but in the context of the war, a living Zelensky is more useful for Russia than a dead one.

During the Second World War, there seemed to be a plan to assassinate Hitler (along with the failed ones), which they decided not to carry out precisely for such reasons. It was decided at a high level that Hitler, with his fanaticism, would lead Germany to defeat faster than anyone else.

Whether this is true or historical, I don’t know. But this may well be true. Because Hitler really was a fanatic and made a lot of decisions that really brought the defeat of Germany closer.

Many times, when the generals offered Hitler to withdraw troops in order to save them, to leave this or that city for this, he answered with a categorical refusal and demanded to hold on to the end. And he exchanged the generals who offered to retreat for others, for fanatics who were ready to go to the end.

So Hitler lost the 6th army of Paulus in Stalingrad. And along with it, Paulus himself, one of his most talented military leaders. And this was the strongest psychological blow for Germany and the German troops and led to a turning point in the war.

So Hitler squandered huge reserves during the Battle of Kursk, which became the turning point of the Second World War, after which the Wehrmacht could no longer recover and began to constantly retreat.

So Hitler ended up losing the entire war.

If Hitler had been killed and someone more reasonable and ready for negotiations had been in his place, instead of opening a second front, a separate peace would have been concluded between Germany and the United States. And how it would end is a big question.

A similar situation with Zelensky. He is a very overplayed actor, besotted with power, fame, Western support, huge money, and besides, he is also a real junkie, a cocaine addict. And he has repeatedly made decisions that are contrary to common sense and military logic.

When Zaluzhny proposed to withdraw troops from Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, Zelensky demanded to keep these cities and as a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost several thousand fighters there. In August, Zaluzhny proposed to cancel the attack on Kherson due to its futility and to throw all his forces into the Kharkov direction.

Events showed that Zaluzhny’s proposal was correct and the Kharkov direction turned out to be very promising for Kyiv in terms of organizing an offensive. But before succeeding in the Kharkiv direction, Zelensky ordered an attack on Kherson and lost two brigades there. Only more than 3,000 were killed and about 6,000 more were wounded.

And now, intoxicated with success in the Kharkiv direction, Zelensky is ready to throw troops into new offensive operations, on the same Kherson, on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, on Donetsk and Lugansk. This is also dangerous in its own way, but much more dangerous for the Armed Forces of Ukraine than for the allied forces.

From a purely military point of view, it is much more correct for Russia to fight the junkie Zelensky in the role of commander-in-chief than, for example, Zaluzhny. Or with someone else. From a political point of view, probably Zelensky is also preferable to many others.

Here you need to understand that no matter who takes Zelensky’s place, this will not solve the problem of Ukrainian neo-Nazism and Ukraine, turned into Anti-Russia as a whole. Because it was not Zelensky who came up with all this. The problem is not with him.

And the fundamental decisions are not made by Zelensky either, they are made in Washington. Therefore, it is useless to hit Izyum, where Zelensky came to be photographed or Bankovaya in Kyiv. It won’t solve the problem. On the contrary, it will complicate it.

So let it stick out.

Not yet, as Putin would probably say (would).

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