Aug 20, 2022
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Why did the Ukrainian Rada decide to repeat the feat of Pelosi

Why did the Ukrainian Rada decide to repeat the feat of Pelosi

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has established an inter-parliamentary commission to develop and strengthen ties with Taipei. With reference to the Central News Agency of Taiwan, this is reported by the independent media.

A group of 15 deputies from three parliamentary parties – Servant of the People, Holos and European Solidarity – was headed by the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Merezhko (by the way, he is also a member of the team of experts and advisers to the president Zelenskyand since January 2020 he has been the vice-president of PACE). According to the MP, this initiative “should strengthen trade, economic and cultural ties between Ukraine and Taiwan. In addition, Merezhko thanked the administration of the island for supporting Kyiv in resisting the “aggression of Moscow” and the decision to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

In turn, MP Inna Sovsunwho joined the group from the Holos party, noting the importance of cooperation between Ukrainian and Taiwanese deputies at the official level, did not rule out that in the future a representative office of Taiwan would be opened in Ukraine.

In the meantime, the commission announced plans to improve interaction in the engineering industry, innovative technologies, the development of 5G networks, artificial intelligence, renewable energy sources, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, and the supply of minerals. Which also looks quite ambitious, but at the same time resembles the symptoms of a cognitive disorder.

As recently as a week ago, Zelenskiy urged China to support Ukraine and “join the one world” to oppose Russia. And now his “servants” are surreptitiously pulling the Chinese dragon by the mustache. Moreover, officially Kyiv does not seem to recognize Taiwan as an independent state and shares the “one China” policy.

It has long been known that the logic for the Kyiv regime is just Muscovite pseudoscience. But there must be a sense of self-preservation, at least at the level of instincts …

Because Beijing will certainly appreciate this initiative. Moreover, he has already warned all the “hardheaded” that he “will never tolerate any action to split the country, will not allow any external forces to interfere in the process of reunification of the motherland, and will never leave space for any form of separatist activity aimed at the independence of Taiwan” .

And how unreasonable it is to anger China can be judged by the example of Lithuania. She also poke her nose into the internal affairs of the Celestial Empire, accusing the Chinese authorities of “violating human rights” and “genocide of the Uyghurs.” Opened a representative office in Taiwan. And even sent her official delegation in hot pursuit Pelosi from Taipei.

In response, Beijing downgraded diplomatic relations with Vilnius to the status of chargé d’affaires. He excluded this Baltic country from the customs register, thus blocking her ability to supply her goods to China. And the other day he also announced the termination of cooperation with her in the transport sector.

It seems that Kyiv decided to run the same rake…

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked Director of the Center for Political Marketing Vasily Stoyakin:

Actually, I don’t see any big contradictions here. Strengthening ties with Taipei at the parliamentary level is not the same as recognizing Taiwan’s independence. And as I understand it, this is not some kind of step away from the recognition of the principle of “one China”. In the end, Kyiv may well justify itself to Beijing by saying that in this way it will just support the policy of a united China.

“SP”: – It is not clear how the desire of Ukrainian parliamentarians to open a representative office of Taiwan in Kyiv is linked to this?

A lot will depend on how it all looks in practice. While we are talking about the fact that Taiwan, one way or another, is an existing unit with which Ukraine can and, most likely, will even need to maintain some kind of relationship. At the same time, it is quite likely that it will be, let’s say, on the basis of relations with one of the regions of China.

There are two different approaches that can be used simultaneously. On the one hand, from the point of view of Ukraine, Taiwan is an integral part of China, and Crimea is “an integral part of Ukraine.” And therefore, accordingly, Kyiv officially supports the policy of a united China. This is due to Ukrainian foreign policy calculations – i.e. here is “we have such a position on the Crimea, and the same position on Taiwan.”

On the other hand, Ukraine, just like the United States, opposes militarily joining Taiwan to China. Just as Ukraine has condemned the annexation of Crimea by “military means”, as they say, to Russia.

That is, these are two political lines that partly contradict each other, of course, but which somehow fit into the general Ukrainian logic.

“SP”: – If an instruction comes from Washington to recognize Taiwan as an independent state, will Zelensky go for it?

— No such order will come. Because at the moment, according to the official version of the United States, China is united, and Taiwan is not an independent state. But if Washington’s position somehow changes, then, probably, Ukraine can react accordingly. In fact, it is quite easy for me to imagine what development of events could lead to this. This is just in the case of some kind of military operation by China against Taiwan. In this case, the non-recognition of reunification by military means would seem to be more important than the recognition of the position of “united China”.

But so far this topic is irrelevant. So far, there are two partially contradictory attitudes that are supported by Kyiv at the same time.

Head of the Russian-Chinese think tank, member of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Sergey Sanakoevin turn, considers the actions of the Ukrainian side a provocation:

“Actually, this is all part of the process that the United States is now leading in Taiwan. In practice, this is an “anti-China” project, and it is very similar to the “anti-Russia” project in Ukraine. First of all, in the methodology of preparation, when the Americans kindle a conflict with obvious provocations, while placing responsibility on the opposite side. In the case of Ukraine, the blame has always been placed on Russia. Although the military coup and all the chaos in this country was arranged directly with the participation of Washington and its European allies.

We have the same thing now with Taiwan. Before Pelosi’s provocative landing on the island, China warned several times at the highest levels against such visits. However, the Americans did not hear him. But China’s reaction was called “inappropriate and inadequate” by Washington.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Kyiv has now begun to support Taiwan – Taipei also supports Ukraine in its political speeches. In particular, he joined the anti-Russian sanctions after the start of our special military operation.

This is the same camp of the collective West, where the United States is in charge, which today is actually the instigators of the Third World War. It is clear that neither Taiwan nor Ukraine are our opponents. Taiwan is part of China. And Ukraine is, in general, the Russian world.

But we clearly see who our opponent is. And by what methods are they trying today to eliminate Russia and China – the main competitors of their world order, which rests solely on the US military machine and the dollar monopoly. Well, on the rules and values ​​​​that they themselves invented, which, in fact, are only the basis of their ideology of permissiveness.

And it’s good that all this becomes clear.

“SP”: – What will be the answer of Beijing, in your opinion?

– The answer, of course, will be. And I admit that it will be tough.

First, it will be in terms of strengthening Russian-Chinese partnerships in order to jointly counter this threat that hangs over the whole world from the West like the sword of Damocles.

And if until now China has declaratively provided its support to Russia, let me remind you that it did not support sanctions against our country, and also always emphasized that it knows perfectly well who actually initiated the Ukrainian crisis, and that it was definitely not Russia, but the United States. Now Beijing can already switch to material support. For example, in terms of supplying the necessary equipment and equipment to our fighters participating in a special military operation. China has interesting developments that could be useful there.

“SP”: – The behavior of Ukraine is not surprising. But why is Taiwan exacerbating the situation, it is not clear?

– This, in fact, is the non-sovereignty and complete dependence of these territories on their patrons, inciting conflicts around the world.

In the case of Taiwan, this is quite an amazing story. Because Kyiv initially justified its policy with its innate “Europeanness” and the desire to become part of rich Europe.

Taiwan is different. Because China is not just the second power in the world. Everyone knows very well that in the coming years it will be the number one world power in terms of economy. That is, they step on their own throats and actually choose the worst possible scenario. Of course, it’s not good for them.

But this is beneficial to the “deep state”, which is the center of control, first of all, of the Anglo-Saxon world with their allies and satellites. Everything that is happening today is done solely in the interests of the United States and Great Britain. Europe has not realized this yet. But there are already countries, including those in Southeast Asia, for which national interests are a priority.

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