May 5, 2021
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Why did Dana Borisova’s daughter hurt herself?

A couple of weeks ago, Dana Borisova said that her daughter began to inflict wounds on her body. First, she noticed scratches on her hands, and then on her legs. The situation worsened, and the presenter decided to turn to specialists. As a result, the girl spent four days in the clinic.

Why did Dana Borisova's daughter hurt herself?

“Polina explained this to me and the specialists with panic attacks, during which she simply does not control herself. I am going crazy with worries,” Borisova said.

Now 13-year-old daughter Borisova is forced to take antidepressants. By the way, Dana blames her father for what happened, who does not maintain a relationship with the child.

Why did Dana Borisova's daughter hurt herself?

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