Oct 31, 2021
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Why deodorant doesn’t work

Why deodorant doesn't work

An antiperspirant is a sweat-relieving agent. But when there is no effect and the deodorant does not help, you need to look for the cause. The problem may lie in a violation of the rules for the use of a deodorant product, in insufficient hygiene.

Because you wear deodorant in the morning

Deodorant is best applied before bed. At night, the sweat glands hardly work (well, if you do not spend midnight in a passionate embrace or do not see terrible dreams that make you sweat).

This allows the deodorant to absorb better and protect you from sweat more effectively the next day. Or longer than a day if it’s a 48 or 72 hour deodorant. And there is no need to be afraid to take a shower in the morning – the deodorant is already absorbed as it should.

Because you don’t dry your skin before applying deodorant

Deodorant should be applied to completely dry skin. That is, after a shower, it is better not only to dry yourself with a towel, but also to let the body dry completely for another 20-30 minutes, there should be no moisture left in the pores at all.

Because you are applying little product

The spray must be sprayed for at least 3 seconds. If you count the time, you will be surprised how long it takes. And it is better to use a stick or roller not once, but two or more times.

Because you put on deodorant when you already smell sweat.

It’s just useless. If the sweat has already been released, deodorant will not only not help, but may aggravate the smell – a mixture of sweat and deodorant odors can be extremely unpleasant.

If suddenly during the day you feel, shall we say, staleness, it is better to simply wipe the skin with antibacterial wipes.

Because this deodorant is not right for you.

Yes, it can be. Cosmetic products are often selected through trial and error. And if you’re doing everything right and the deodorant isn’t working, just try changing it.

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