Apr 19, 2021
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Why dance tribal fusion

Why dance tribal fusion

“I have been doing yoga and dancing in the tribal fusion style for many years. During 12 years of practice, I managed to improve my skills enough to become an instructor and help others to improve. If you think about why I decided to study these particular areas, the answer is immediately found by itself – they perfectly complement each other. “

“Yoga gives strength and balance, and dance makes movements smooth and teaches you to listen to the rhythm, and not only in music, but in the whole universe,” – Yekaterina Sokolova, a yoga instructor and tribal fusion dance teacher, shares her experience.

The tribal fusion style arose as a result of combining several directions of dance into one. The tribal fusion dance has elements of flamenco, Indian temple dances, belly dancing, as well as American cabaret and yoga.

“If you don’t know what to do, start dancing! A good dance can not only entertain and cheer you up, but also have a beneficial effect on your well-being – this is what my yoga instructor never tired of repeating. And he added: – Yes, and correct posture has not prevented anyone yet.

Having listened to this advice, I once began to get acquainted with various directions of dancing and came across the very story of Ekaterina Sokolova, she talked about her experience of combining yoga and dancing in the tribal fusion style.

Today we want to tell you about how to maintain good posture at home using simple dance moves.

First you need to take the starting position. Place your feet a little closer than shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Pull your belly up and lift your ribcage with your shoulders down.

Then, keeping the pelvis stationary, try to move the stoves and chest first to the left and then to the right. Repeat the exercise 10 times in both directions.

Once you have mastered the lateral movement, you can add forward and backward movements of the chest. Still keeping the pelvis motionless, move the ribcage first forward and then backward. Repeat the exercise 10 times in each direction.

At the end, you need to combine the four previous movements into one circular and repeat it 10 times in each direction.

Performing these simple movements not only improves posture, but also helps tone the muscles of the body, energizing it for the whole day.

That’s all there is to it. If you wish, you can add circular movements of the head, shoulders, and also hips to the basic movements of the tribal-fusion dance. According to Ekaterina Sokolova, this will help harmonize the energy throughout the body.

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