Feb 21, 2021
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Why chatting with friends is so important

Why chatting with friends is so important

It is generally accepted that with age, a person’s mental capabilities deteriorate: he is slower to adapt to changes, makes more mistakes, memorizes information worse … And even the refutation of this point of view by scientists from Harvard is not able to change our opinion.

However, what is definitely impossible to argue with is the fact that with age, a person becomes wiser. He knows how to filter information, correctly and quickly determine priorities, does not worry about trifles. A lot of life experience, from which important lessons have been successfully learned, helps to neutralize all the garbage that surrounds us. Maybe that’s why older people are always so interesting to listen to.

And today we will publish a letter that an 83-year-old woman sent to her friend. It seems intense and deep enough for many young people to see it and think about their priorities and values. It turned out a kind of reflection on the meaning of life.

“Hello, my dear Bertha. I’m still alive, but my life is changing a little every day: I read more and less and less and less dust, more and more I sit in the yard, and less and less worried about weeds in the garden, more and more time I spend with friends, and less and less work … “

“It turned out that life is much more interesting to enjoy than just tolerate it. I am just beginning to realize this and appreciate every moment. “

“I stopped saving on my needs, and my crystal sets and porcelain cups spend more time on the table than in the sideboard. Could there be a greater reason than the arrival of your niece, the first day of spring, or the beginning of cherry blossoms in faraway Japan? “

“When I leave home, I put on my best clothes, even if I go to the store or the market. I guess if I look pretty, I will not be so sorry to spend money. “

“I don’t need a special occasion to use my favorite perfume. I smell sweet, even if I go to the bank to pay for a communal apartment or when I go to the clinic. “

“I stopped procrastinating until tomorrow, next week, or just at the right moment. If you want to see, hear or do something right now, then why put it off? “

“We are used to thinking that life is a matter of course, and therefore it never occurs to us what we would do, knowing that tomorrow we will be gone. Maybe they would make peace with loved ones, maybe they apologize for bad words or actions. Or maybe we would just go to a good restaurant, order delicious food and enjoy our time … “

“I myself regret that I rarely paid attention to such trifles, did not say to my relatives the words they deserved.”

“When I wake up, the first thing I do is to convince myself of the specialness of a new day, because every moment and every minute is a gift. And even if life turned out to be not the song that you wanted to hear, while you are here, you can wait for a suitable melody, or you can dance … “

These reflections on the life of a man from an elderly woman seemed to us extremely curious. In her short letter, she managed to touch upon important topics that we so often forget about in the hectic days.

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