Mar 30, 2021
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Why change the name of AstraZeneca? Attacking a competitor in the vaccine war

One of the most famous vaccines against coronavirus infection, though more sadly famous, is changing its name. Why and why is this being done and will such a rebranding help to strengthen its position?

This is a vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca and developed by the University of Oxford. Its full old name is AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, but colloquially we call it simply AstraZeneca.

Official communique about nothing

Now we are told to call this vaccine Vaxzevria. “The name change does not entail any other changes, but it is important that vaccination specialists in the regions are aware of the change, as product information, labeling and packaging may look different,” says the Swedish Health Products Agency.

Why is the name of one of the most recognizable COVID-19 vaccines in the world changing? The Swedish agency does not say anything about the reasons for the rebranding, but in a press release dedicated to the event, it says: “All drugs must have an acceptable distinctive name. When naming drugs, you can use both fancy names and general ones (for example, “AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine”) “. And the fantasy one is Vaxzevria. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has accepted this innovation and on the website indicates a new brand of vaccine from AstraZeneca.

The most interesting questions in this story are why and why?

“The main reason for this rebranding is simply striking, the AstraZeneca vaccine needs to be cleansed of the negativity that has recently been associated with it,” says sociologist and marketing specialist Victoria Mochalova… – We have all heard about deaths and thrombosis, which are associated with this particular vaccine, about the suspension of vaccination campaigns in many European countries, as well as in Canada, Thailand, South Africa. And even though experts say that the benefits of using the vaccine outweigh the risks that thrombosis is not caused by it, negativity still remains in the everyday consciousness of people. They think: “Maybe the experts were bribed? Maybe the experts were just wrong? ”And there may be many of them. This is how our consciousness works.

And the best way to shake off all this negativity and doubts is to forget about the AstraZeneca vaccine and start a new history of the Vaxsevria vaccine. This will not affect purchases in any way, because the new vaccine will be supplied under the old contracts, according to which AstraZeneca is the leader in the world. And the role of a person in the independent choice of a specific vaccine for himself is now tending to zero: in conditions of shortage, they are usually vaccinated with what they have. ”

Who will remember the old …

“But will it help later,” continues Victoria Mochalova, “will people forget all these scandals around the vaccine? It seems that this is impossible. But in reality, everything is more complicated. Remember the story of the renaming of Siberia Airlines to S7. Then they wrote a lot about the fact that “Siberia” is pursued by some kind of evil fate. In 2001, her plane was shot down by a Ukrainian missile over the Black Sea; in 2004, a plane crashed near Rostov-on-Don. And even at the moment when the rebranding was taking place, the biggest disaster happened: 125 people died due to the fact that at the Irkutsk airport the airliner rolled off the runway and crashed into garages. But this plane still had the Siberia logo and did not have that cheerful coloring as the S7 airliners have today. All this was repeatedly shown on TV, and all the negativity among people turned out to be tied precisely to the old brand.

And the company is still alive, people are actively flying its planes, and it is not associated with Siberia. I do not exclude that it will be so with the vaccine. Moreover, the brand words “Waxseuria” and “AstraZeneca” do not evoke any phonetic or semantic associations. And in general, it is possible that soon they will start changing the name and the company itself. And then all these renaming and all the bad things associated with the vaccine will be remembered only by experts in the history of business and marketing. “

The secret will always be revealed

In addition, pharmaceutical and biotechnology experts see another mystery in this story. We know a lot about the vaccine war, but we see it as an aggression by Western companies against our Sputnik-V. It turns out that this is only one front of the vaccine world war. An even more fierce battle is taking place between the American company Pfizer and the European company AstraZeneca. They divide the world, they have the biggest vaccine contracts.

Here is what Dmitry Kulish, professor of pharmaceutical practice at Skoltech, who researches the economics and infrastructure of pharmaceuticals and knows about today’s realities associated with vaccination against COVID-19, writes on his Facebook account much more than ordinary people:

“Even seasoned pharmaceutical industry observers marvel at the anger and intensity of Pfizer’s war against AstraZeneca. It is difficult to recall such a totality: first, because of seven fictitious thrombosis, supplies to Europe are closed, then a midnight open letter from some scientists to others closes America, on both sides of the Atlantic pond tens of millions of doses are arrested in warehouses. And this is all against the backdrop of lamentations that there are not enough vaccines and that humanity must be saved … AstraZeneca is about to fire back, in which she will analyze the interferon syndrome of the vaccinated Pfizer and hint that such intense interferon syndromes cannot but come back to haunt somehow through year percent in ten vaccinated “.

A clarification needs to be made here. We are talking about vaccines made on the basis of messenger RNA (mRNA) and not used in Russia. They are made by Pfizer and Moderna. They are 4 times more likely to cause the so-called interferon syndrome, that is, a strong inflammatory response after vaccination.

Who will win the vaccine war?

“After that, a Mexican fight of all against all will begin, in which AstraZeneca will undoubtedly win,” predicts Dmitry Kulish. – An increasing number of observers understand that if Pfizer does not trample AstraZeneca right now, then in a year there will be no Pfizer, but there will be one continuous AstraZeneca. This will be very painful for President Biden, whom Trump will then definitely overthrow in the next election. And considering that AstraZeneca is also combined with Sputnik, it will hurt so many people that now it is impossible not to trample on AstraZeneca. So they trample her, as never before in a civilized farm they did not trample each other. ”

Many expressions do not look parliamentary, but this is a different genre, they are acceptable for a post on a social network. And here the expert’s information about our “Sputnik-V” is also important. He rates it very highly. And if the forecasts come true, then, speaking in the same style, AstraZeneca and Sputnik will remain in the world. The hybrid of these two vaccines should prove to be very effective, and the marketing capabilities of the global big pharma company will help this updated “Sputnik V” enter a very high orbit.

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